22 German scholarships bring 300 euros per month for students

The University of Albstadt-Sigmaringen has awarded 22 German scholarships. Each scholarship holder receives 300 euros per month for six or twelve months.

22 German scholarships bring 300 euros per month for students


Many students at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University benefit from a scholarship. Our photos show the beneficiaries and their sponsors.

A press release from the university added: “The federal government will provide half of the funding, the other half will be funded by companies and organizations that can win as sponsors.” Each sponsor – currently a total of 15 companies, institutions and organizations – supports one or more students

Some delegates were present at the awards ceremony and presented their company or their organization. They then present the credentials and take the opportunity to get to know “their” scholarship holders in person in an informal setting. Students were able to create valuable communication in the professional world.

A selection committee consisting of professors, students and company representatives selected 22 scholarship recipients on the basis of criteria. In addition to outstanding academic achievement, social commitment or participation in university committees, for example, has played a role in evaluation.

Third consecutive promotion

Professor Clemens Moeller, the teaching instructor, led the selection process and conducted the program. “As a university, we are fortunate to have talented and motivated students who are committed not only to their studies but also to society,” he said. He clearly thanked the sponsors for their support.

Christoph Bearer, a student of pharmaceutical technology, is being assisted at the Deutschland Stadium for the third time in a row, and tells listeners how rich the support is for him. “Scholarships relieve the financial situation,” he said. Among other things, it made it possible for him to personally conduct a practical semester in Sweden, during which he was able to gain valuable personal and professional experience. The list of his volunteer commitments is long: the 21-year-old has worked as a tutor at the university and at the Life Sciences Student Council, and in his personal life he has been the son of an altar, a sports instructor and an active musician in a city band. Of his home community, where he works as an active youth.

The Germany Scholarship was introduced in 2011 by the federal government to support specially gifted students and to introduce a new culture of scholarship. Involved from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University 2011/12 winter semester. The deadline to apply for the next funding round is June 30th. Interested companies and institutions can obtain information from Gabriela Mihel (e-mail: [email protected]) in the university’s fundraising and scholarship management department.

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