“Young people with extraordinary potential”

160 candidates applied for scholarships in humanitarian Bertha von Satner Studiowork (VVS) Applied, ten young people have finally made it: for two years they will now receive non-material assistance and support their studies with 300 euros a month.

“It was a difficult process to select the ten best candidates out of the many outstanding applications we received in response to our first call for applications. Bertha von Sutner Studinwork Appropriate “, said Anja Kruger-Chan, on the board of directors of Studienwerk.Humanitarian Association of Germany), Michael Schmidt-Salomon (Giordano Bruno Foundation), Ralph Schweipner (Humanistic Academy Germany) And Tobias Wolfram (Federal Working Group of Humanitarian Students). “We are very sorry to have to reject so many highly talented, multi-talented and committed people, including so many A-level graduates. Undoubtedly, most of our candidates will be eligible for scholarships. Bertha von Sutner Studinwork – Unlike religiously funded organizations – not yet funded by the state, we can currently offer only ten scholarships per year. “

In many cases, the decision was very close – especially among the 20 candidates who reached the final round and were invited for a personal interview with the members of the selection committee. “We were overwhelmed by the extraordinary skills of our applicants – all of them young people with outstanding potential,” he explained. BVS-Board. “It was harder to choose in the end!” In the end, six women and four men received scholarships. Among them are first-year students such as doctoral students, students of physics, computer science, biology and medicine, as well as psychology, philosophy and education.

Equal funding for humanitarian students

“We look forward to working with our professionals,” he says BVS– with board. “Because of the Corona arrangement, our first Saturn meeting this year is likely to be practical, but we are very confident that we will be able to organize face-to-face events again in 2022.” Fortunately, Suttner Scholarship holders do not have to wait long for the scholarship to be paid: the first installment will be delivered to them the next day.

That Bertha von Sutner Studinwork, Which is supported by numerous public figures, including many scientists, especially the humanitarian students who, in a state of ideological neutrality, should have the same support as their fellow religious students. The next call date for the application has already been set: from May to July 2022, talented young humanitarians will be able to apply for the “Satner Scholarship 2022”. And if Studienwerk should have received state funding by then, just over ten applicants would be happy with a two-year humanitarian scholarship for the winter semester 2022/23.

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