Will support students with Coppermex Scholarships – El Sol de Toluca

Mexican Employers Confederation (Coppermex) Had an approach with young people from the state of Mexico UAEM And recently with the University of Otzolotepek to support some students.

The purpose of giving Scholarships or connections to the labor sector Jesus Trigos Rodriguez, president of the business organization, said the sectors that had no connection, but needed to be improved like the youth.

We’re looking at groups where not much has been done.

He explained that one of these sectors is for students and the purpose is for businessmen to join various associations, corporations or those who are not affiliated with any chamber or organization.

He explained that these actions could be through providing scholarships or financial incentives to run specific projects.

The project, he recalled, stemmed from the fact that students from the Faculty of Engineering at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAEM), who SAE car prototype They need financial resources to complete it.

It is noteworthy that last week the youngsters stated that they need travel expenses and other supplies to participate in future national competitions, in that section it will be held in Calamaya this month and abroad it will be in Tennessee, USA.

That’s where the idea came from, we talked to a few businessmen who are very interested in it. He noted that in addition to finding a source of employment, they are still thinking about promoting this support. “These guys also find a decent job and can represent the state of Mexico.”

He said it maintains a single comprehensive cooperation agreement with the highest house of Mexican studies. In this regard, the businessmen and the organization analyzed the actions performed jointly, for which they stated that they have a relationship with the youth of Otzolotepek University.

“We’re bringing them closer to the automotive industry so that these guys can find suitable jobs and represent the state of Mexico.”

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