VIV Healthcare Scholarship for HIV Project

Ricardo Moreno, CEO of VIV Healthcare Spain.

VIV Healthcare Launch a new one Call for VIV Scholarship “The Best Model for Caring for HIV Patients”. As with previous versions, its purpose is to stimulate its design and implementation Projects that contribute to the implementation of a new healthcare model Which responds to the present and future needs of people living with HIV. In this fourth edition, there will be VIV Scholarships A grant of 160,000 euros Distribute among selected projects. The word will be open for project presentationUntil June 24, 2022.

The call for VIV scholarships is part of a multi-faceted national policy project promoted by GeSIDA, Seisida and ViiV Healthcare. Since its creation in 2019, These scholarships have contributed to the financing of 11 projects. The source lies in the need to adapt the initial model of acute care for HIV-infected people to the current chronology of the infection, since People living with HIV are now living longer and are at higher risk of sexual intercourse.This has led to the emergence of new healthcare and organizational challenges.

In words Jose Martin, Medical Director of VIV Healthcare in Spain and Portugal and Member of the Scientific Committee for VIV Scholarships Therefore, our bet is Agents involved in their care and attention fund the project, Patient Association from Health Professionals. “Teams that have shown their commitment and innovation in previous versions of our scholarship.”

Proposals submitted must address at least two of the six essential elements “The best model of care for HIV infected patients”: Healthcare, care delivery, clinical decision making, clinical information systems, self-care support, and community resources. In line with the objectives set by the National Policy Project, the ultimate goal of VIV Scholarships is to improve the health and quality of life of people living with HIV, as well as to enhance skills in service delivery and exchange. Good practice among various health agents. The beneficiaries of this innovation will be 151,387 people who are currently living with HIV in Spain.

The importance of multidisciplinary in the response to HIV

Multiplicity is one of the most relevant aspects of evaluating innovative projects of ViiV Scholarship candidates. It explains Maria Jose Faster“We need to train health professionals to intervene in a multidisciplinary way and this requires their specialization in the most social components of the infection, which means taking into account. Discrimination and stigma in diagnosing and following HIV, Because it affects both quality of life and adherence to treatment. This is an area in which we want to change the most innovative and caring models. “

In this sense, “the best model of care for HIV patients” has shown that optimization of health outcomes depends not only on good diagnosis and treatment, but also on how multidisciplinary care is organized and managed.

At the same time, when evaluating projects, the potential impacts of the initiative in terms of quality of life are taken into account, as well as its feasibility and replication. Santiago Moreno, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee and Head of Infectious Diseases Services at Raman Y. Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, noted: “The joint work will gradually take us. Implementation of a new, more active modelFocuses on the needs of people with integrated, integrated and chronic pathology.

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