Under the direction of Mohammed bin Zayed .. Introducing scholarships for first line defense workers and their children

As part of the directive from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the Fakhr Al Watan Office, Fakhr Al Watan Office today launched a “Higher Education Scholarship Program” at universities to provide various aspects of frontline staff support. Launched. And state-level public and private colleges, providing national assistance to first-line defense personnel and their children. Funds and coordinates with the country’s private sector and the Ministry of Education.
Under the initiative, those who qualify will receive full scholarships to study starting next school year 2021-2022 … in appreciation of their parents’ efforts and sacrifices and their role in maintaining the health and safety of the community.
His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sanduk Al Watan, said: Wise leadership, and the foremost efforts of our defense workers in the health sector, and we are pleased to be among the supporters of this initiative which is in line with our core values ​​in the ark of Al Watan and the resulting values ​​of solidarity and delivery . Today, we are proud to contribute to the appreciation of these heroes for their dedication and dedication in ensuring the safety of our country’s citizens and residents. ”
His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan commended Sanduk Al Watan and the support of the private sector and their support for this important humanitarian and community initiative aimed at supporting the country’s foremost defense heroes and their children, noting that it contributes to providing higher education to the deserving. Support comes from the UAE’s contribution to the private sector and the framework of social responsibility, as it is one of the most important pillars for future and social development and activism. The role of the private sector in supporting and empowering young talent.
For his part, His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnun Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fakhr Al Watan Office, confirmed that the initiative came within the framework of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince. The Deputy Supreme Commander of Abu Dhabi and the Armed Forces, providing support to the heroes working in the front lines of defense and their families who have set the most amazing example of self-sacrifice for the health and safety of the people of the UAE.
His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is grateful for the continued support of the staff at the forefront of the defense and for the support of the UAE heroes and their care and their families in this difficult situation that the whole world is going through. Medium.
He noted that Fakhr al-Watan’s office dedicated its efforts to return the favor to these heroes who are working to protect members of society from the “Corona” epidemic, because their service and dedication to their work was important in this difficult situation. The results that we have all touched upon, and they are truly a respectable example where the values ​​and culture of UAE society are embodied.
His Excellency Hussein bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, stated: And their children ”, which confirms their commitment to promoting social participation and promoting higher education. And consolidates the principles of cooperation and solidarity in society.
For its part, the Fakhr al-Watan office clarifies that if a student receives recognition from a university or college, he or she can send a scholarship application with the required documents and certificates to the following email: [email protected], where the application includes an acknowledgment letter.
The office further clarified that it will collect applications from applicants who will be sent directly to universities and colleges in compliance with the applicable conditions and standards. The Fakhr al-Watan office’s initiative, which targets first-line defense personnel and their families, contributes to their aspirations and their children’s aspirations for higher education in the country and reduces their financial burden. The “Covid-19 epidemic”, which positively reflects a sense of security among Thru’s front-line workers, is related to providing free education to them and their children at the country’s universities and colleges.

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