They want school scholarships for the children of firefighters and rescue workers

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.- During the previous session of Cabildo held yesterday, Councilor Amparo Beltrán Ceballos presented a project to integrate the Department of Education’s Fire Department and Rescue Department staff into the School Scholarship Program.

According to the councilor, those who work in the unit do not have this facility, on the other hand, the staff of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat and Road Safety Coordination get it.

“There are 258 elements here, their daughters or sons will benefit from this offer,” said Beltran Sebellos. However, he declined to comment on the number of girls and boys who would benefit, as it would limit the number of scholarships offered to the fire and rescue department.

Councilor Vanessa Mora de la also requested that the draft agreement be added as a requirement that the school average or the salaries received by the elements of these corporations not be taken into account, as it would prevent the use of scholarships.

In a similar vein, Councilor Carla Escalante Ramirez, who has assured that the administration’s two scholarship awards, take into account civil protection, but because of the aforementioned requirements, the scholarships could not be awarded.

“The first issue had 52 scholarships, the second had 47 scholarships. The problem with scholarships at this time is that not everyone has access. In fact, out of the 99 that were distributed, ballots were sent to civil protection but not all of them were enforced because not all of them fall within that limit in terms of salary and average necessities, “he stressed.

For his part, Beltran Sebelos indicated that the project does not intend to change requirements, but rather to provide these benefits to municipal firefighters and rescuers. Finally, Councilor Galindo Rodriguez of Austria assured that the Education Commission has already analyzed the withdrawal of the average subject from the scholarship call.

“These scholarships are not a matter of academic achievement, they are scholarships, as expressed by the director of education, Equity, for which he has given us the task of reviewing all the rules governing the program for the time being. Applying or proposing relevant adjustments,” Rodriguez 6

Another issue that was touched upon was the proposal of Councilor Victor Manuel Talamantes Vazquez, with whom he sought to urge the Governor of Chihuahua, Maria Eugenia Campos Galvan, and the State Congress to take “various measures regarding costs.”

The councilor explained that in the process of digitizing the various laws of the civil registry, a copy error was made by the employee or the agency responsible for this action.

“The current problem is that this error or omission is caused by the authority itself or the agency in charge, that the citizen is being charged around 260 pesos for correcting the error. If the error originates, it should be charged as such, but if it is due to an error by the state itself, during the digitization process, citizens will not have to pay that price, “said Talamantes Vazquez.

The session also discussed four issues of the Municipal Land Settlement Review Commission; The first seeks to approve a loan agreement with the Superior Court of Justice or with the Chihuahua State Judicial Council on a movable and immovable property of a municipality of 2,552,052 m² which was previously occupied by the Quiroz Clinic and the government department. ..

The second opinion is aimed at revoking the unwarranted secession of a 6,332.19 m² municipal property, in favor of the Down AC Development Institute, since the company has not complied with the agreements established in a Cabildo-approved contract. Session held on June 19, 2015.

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