There are 9 types of scholarships related to obtaining doctoral and postgraduate degrees as prescribed by law

Law No. 149 of 2020 introduces regulatory scholarships, grants, and study papers and defines 9 different types of scholarships, including scholarships for doctoral and postgraduate degrees or other short-term scholarships.

In this regard, paragraph 8 specifies that the missions are divided:

1 – An external mission to obtain a doctorate degree or its equivalent.

2 – An external mission to obtain a postgraduate degree or its equivalent.

3- A joint supervision mission.

4- Scientific assignment for conducting post-doctoral research or its equivalent.

5- Short term pre-doctoral assignment or equivalent.

6- Pre-Masters Short-Term Assignment or equivalent.

7- Collecting scientific material.

8- To spend one month, one semester or one academic year abroad at the first university level.

9 – Any type of delegation or training or study program that will achieve the purpose of the mission.

It is noteworthy that Act No. 149 of 2020 has established the terms of reference of the Executive Committee for Scholarships, Grants and Study Holidays regulating scholarships, grants and study leave, in which the actual needs of the mission are examined first in the light of specialization and representation, and state strategies and priorities. To present the necessary draft budget for its implementation.

It comes along with setting the terms and conditions of the ambassador selection, comparing the students for the scholarship according to the conditions and criteria you have set and determining the duration of the mission.

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