The University of Dubai has collected 3 million dirhams for students in need

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The University of Dubai has announced that in collaboration with the University’s Alumni Relations Office, the Alumni Association and the Board of Directors of the Bait Al Khair Society, Suhu is organizing the 5th Annual Charitable Gathering to raise funds for the benefit of struggling students. The annual fundraiser is part of the Scholarship Fund program for alumni and friends of the university, and is funded by a charity campaign.

Which was implemented under the auspices of the Bait al-Khair Association, for undergraduate students and graduates who face financial challenges in accordance with the recommendations of the university and the terms and conditions of the financial support of Bait al-Khair. Thanks to this charitable campaign and grant, the University’s Alumni Relations Office has been able to help 96 students and alumni with a total of 1,124 million dirhams.


The president of the university, Isa Al-Bastaki, said: “The university offers many and many scholarships to its students and every year, in the holy month, it returns to the friends, graduates and partners of the government organization through annual donations. Teams and campaigns for donations and participation in support of financially distressed students and graduates.

He thanked all the donors who have provided various types and financial support in the last five years, noting that the university is keen to help the struggling students and pay their dues so that they can get their degree, bachelor’s degree and the job they deserve.

Amna Al-Marzak, director of the Center for Training and Career Development and the Alumni Relations Office, indicated that the grant promotion was licensed by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, Permit No. 4675.

He said donors included Al Maktoum Charity Organization, Dubai Charitable Society, Dar Al Ber Society, Bait Al Khair Society, and partner charities, as well as public and private sector organizations, institutions and organizations, philanthropists and graduates. And much more.


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