The Saudi Charitable Group Ekha Foundation hosted an Iftar in Riyadh

Riyadh: Ahmed Al-Razi, Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and chairman of the board of trustees of the Charitable Foundation for the Care of Orphans, also known as Ekha, attended an iftar hosted by the foundation in Riyadh.

The Minister of Education of Saudi Arabia Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh was also present on the occasion.

In a speech delivered during the event, Al-Razi congratulated the children for their excellence, distinction and success in their professional and educational lives.The Saudi Charitable Group Ekha Foundation hosted an Iftar in Riyadh

“I congratulate our children on the excellence and brilliance of their lives. He added, “We see their success stories unfolding before us,” adding that the achievements demonstrate the leadership’s interest in empowering young people and helping them achieve their aspirations.

With more than 350 male and female orphans attending Saudi universities in 2021, Al-Razi thanked the Ministry of Education for its pioneering role in enrolling people with special circumstances at universities.

Ekhaa has provided scholarships for outstanding students abroad so that they can continue their studies at top universities. It also puts a large number of students in jobs that are suitable for their academic majors, while other students enroll in training programs to prepare for future opportunities.

Al-Sheikh emphasized the leadership’s interest in supporting children in special situations, “giving them priority in undergraduate study and employment on campus, as well as assisting them with scholarship programs and training programs that qualify them to enter the labor market.”

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