The Omani Ministry of Higher Education has announced scholarships in Qatar and Malaysia

The Directorate General and missions of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation in Sultana, Oman have announced the availability of a number of scholarships that can be applied for online according to the admission and registration process, including what Qatar will provide for students. , As well as Malaysian scholarships so that they are able to finish their studies. Academic process and university education, it falls within the framework of the Qatar Fund for Sustainable Development and it regulates the admission process, conditions and procedures. Has been divided into stages.

The Ministry of Higher Education of the Sultanate of Oman, on its official website, has detailed the details of these programs, especially those offered by the Qatar Scholarship Program, where admissions are divided into three main stages: Through the website.

How to apply for scholarships in Qatar and Malaysia

To complement the regular scholarship system announced by the Ministry of Education, the following are done:

  • Submit an application for scholarship through the official website of the educational institution where the student wants to complete his / her studies.
  • Get Academic Admission.
  • The second phase begins after the student receives academic recognition.
  • Inform the Admissions and Registration Department of the university or educational institution to which you are applying to apply for the scholarship, for example the Qatar Scholarship Program ( or the Omani Cultural Attach Embassy in Kuala Lumpur (http:/// ).
  • The third stage begins with the response to the submission request.
  • After studying and examining the applicability of the prescribed conditions and controls, answer with approval or rejection, “For example, the requirements of the Qatar Scholarship Program.
  • Make sure you enroll in a university that is one of the recommended ones.
  • The process of verification is recommended by the university through the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, where a list has been made.

Website of the Ministry of Higher Education

The ministry’s statement indicated the possibility of following the steps we talked about in detail about the recommended universities through the Omani Ministry of Higher Education’s website and then what has been announced about other programs such as study in Malaysia. You can go to the official links in the data to choose the name of the university and which public or private control it has in the scholarship program.

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