The cost of studying medicine in Germany in 2022 for international students

The cost of studying medicine in Germany and the daily cost compared to other European countries can be borne and studied safely, and so if your specialty is medical or any other specialty, you do not have to spend too much due to state assistance. For students, and in this article we have covered all the details that you need to know the cost of medical studies in Germany.

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Accommodation costs for students in Germany

Given the cost of accommodation in Germany compared to the cost of studying medicine in Germany as a whole, this point will not be a matter of stress because there is university accommodation for all international students, and each student has the right to enroll in one. Between them and living in a private or shared room of the same sex, and in this case there are two types of housing, what are they?

1- University accommodation:

The room has basic furniture such as (table – wardrobe – a small library). The dormitory has utilities like water, electricity and internet services. This is not the best advice, but it is suitable for those who start their first school year, despite the comfort and low price.

As for the rent, it ranges from one hundred and ninety euros per month to about two hundred and thirty.

Students who come to study German and not for academic studies are not entitled to student accommodation. Unless the institute signs an agreement with the university to allow their students to stay.

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2- Private accommodation:

This type of accommodation also allows academic students to find their study time after the first year, where there are more facilities and you can learn more about the country, and language students, but it costs more than university accommodation, and rents range from 200 to 400 euros per month. .

The ratio between the two prices is due to several factors including the city, its geographical location, number of rooms and the presence of facilities and services around it.

An example of a price difference is if you look at the city of Dresden in East Germany, the cost of accommodation is about 200 euros, and if you go to Hamburg in northwestern Germany, the cost of accommodation is 300- 400 euros, plus electricity and water bills.

Finally, prices vary if the student wants a fully furnished apartment or a room with the necessities of life. Offers students without the need for accommodation.

Transportation costs for students in Germany

Transportation costs for students in Germany The cost of studying medicine in Germany is not a problem, since the state gives students registered in German universities a transportation card in the state in which they live, so that you can move freely in the city. Through the transportation of payments in university installments.

In the same context, language students or those studying in states that do not offer this benefit are excluded, and transportation costs range from 40 to 80 euros per month, depending on your daily commute. It is therefore advisable to choose a state that offers transit card features.

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The cost of studying medicine in Germany

The cost of studying medicine in Germany is borne by the German government and therefore all students, including international students, study for free in Germany.

In return, the student pays a maximum of 300 300 to 400 400 for each semester, which is a quarterly fee for the university in exchange for some of the services the student receives, such as free transportation cards and other services within the university campus.

In contrast, the state of Baden-W্টrttemberg imposes tuition fees for students from outside the European Union, and in addition to the living and accommodation fees in Germany, the annual tuition fee reaches 3000 euros, which we discussed in the previous lines.

The fees we are talking about are the fees for studying in Germany at public universities in Germany, but different in private universities.

Fees for studying medicine at a private university in Germany

When studying medicine in Germany on your own account, the cost will be higher than the cost specified in the previous lines.

In general, tuition fees for a medical degree in Germany at private German universities range from 5,700 euros to 15,000 euros per semester.

Food prices in Germany

Food costs must be considered carefully, as everyone eats a maximum of two to three meals a day to keep up the normal effort and activity, but if you are someone who plans everything, what is the average price of food in Germany?

Basic food costs between 10 and 16 euros, while a cup of French coffee can cost between 3 and 4 euros. Therefore, it is advisable to learn basic cooking skills and buy food that can be easily cooked.

The best university to study medicine in Germany

This is an overview of the best public medical universities in Germany:

  • University of Heidelberg.
  • University of Munich.
  • Charity Medical University.
  • G গোttingen community.
  • University of Würzburg.
  • I am the head of Goethe University Frankfurt.
  • University of Cologne.
  • Forest community.
  • University of Leipzig.

The average required to study medicine in Germany

We have learned in detail, in turn, about the rates required for the study of medicine in Germany, in addition to the best private and public universities for the study of medicine in Germany, and you can see all these details. This article.

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