That’s why Bremerhaven paid this young artist

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Photo: Radio Bremen | Patrick Florenkowski

Artist Aurel Dahlgrün can use a studio and an apartment for free for one year. There is a monthly salary for this. The city pays for all this.

Aurel Dahlgrühn has traveled a long way. Born in Berlin, he grew up in Sweden and taught art and English in Brazil before studying photography at the Dেলsseldorf Art Academy. The 31-year-old has now moved to Bremerhaven. The Bremerhaven Association “Art and Benefits” selected him as a scholarship holder.

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Water is the theme of Aurel Dahlgrün’s work.

Photo: Radio Bremen | Patrick Florenkowski

With the grant, Dahlgrün will be able to live in Bremerhaven for free for one year and use a 200-square-meter studio. He also receives a monthly salary of 900 euros. The city will bear the cost. He had the opportunity to present his works in a solo exhibition at Bremerhaven in Kunsthal.

Only five applicants

The so-called “Bremerhaven Scholarship” has existed since 1992. According to the Art and Benefits Association, which looks after scholarships, the fund is now one of Germany’s most important and sought-after artists’ scholarships and is advertising for the city.

Over the last few decades we have had really interesting young artists here in Bremerhaven, who have often won very interesting prizes in the art scene and are generally respected.

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Klaus Beck, chairman of the “Art and Use” Association

However, there is no rush for scholarship. Only five artists have applied this year. Dahlgrun is an advisory board consisting of elected people. The city’s cultural office later confirmed the election.

Stains with water

Dahlgrün believes with water – and according to the jury, that fits perfectly with the coast. The 31-year-old sees himself as a conceptual artist who takes pictures, but also creates sculptures and works with paint. The theme “water” is its leitmotif. What fascinates him most about Bremerhaven is the wide range of horizons.

Two blue pictures are hanging side by side.
Aurel Dahlgrün has already put some of his work into the new studio.

Photo: Radio Bremen | Patrick Florenkowski

One of the things he wants to do with his work is capture different perspectives on water. For example, he takes photos above and below the water and then assembles them. “I often use dives which I do as inspiration. And as soon as I’m on the surface of the water, I see the distance, and when I dive, everything is very close,” he explains. “This game between near and far is something we deal with a lot nowadays.”

Collaborate with AWI

Dahlgrun seeks to connect with the Alfred Weisner Institute to connect with science and exchange ideas with experts on issues such as climate change and marine biology. “Actually, it was one of my first thoughts, because I think the field between art and science is very exciting and I want to be more involved in science myself.”

In her new temporary studio, she wants to work on new, larger-format works: “I absolutely see the studio as a laboratory where I can really bring new passion into my work.”

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