Scholarships worth more than 6 million euros

University President Prof. Andreas Bartram (center) participants. Judith Bang and Benjamin Haring of the Institute for Theater Education hosted the evening. / Photo: Osnabrck University of Applied Sciences

The companies have been assisting students at Osnabrুকck University of Applied Sciences for ten years Germany grant. Scholarships are not just about financial aid. “The diversity of funding agencies is reflected in the most diverse exchange relationships,” he explained. Jan LucasenHead of university funding.

“The first direct contacts are made with companies in the region, and the network of scholarship holders makes it possible to think outside the box and listen to reports from colleagues and their affiliates.” This is how it is described Maximilian tons Looking back on his experience as a German scholarship holder, which he gained through the Casebohmer Company.

193 scholarships have been awarded

The Deutschland Stipendium was awarded for the tenth time on Thursday at the Osnabrুকck University of Applied Sciences. Due to the Corona epidemic, there has been another online prize-giving ceremony this year. Professor from the University’s own television studio on Lingzhen Campus. Andrew BartramUniversity President, Participants: “I am delighted that we are able to offer 193 scholarships despite the ongoing challenges posed by the Corona epidemic. It demonstrates the great commitment of sponsors who support our students and open up a network and professional perspective for them.”

More time and less anxiety

Scholars receive a monthly stipend of 300 euros. Half of the money comes from sponsoring companies, associations and organizations. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is increasing funding by the same amount. “The scholarship has given me more time to concentrate on my studies and less anxiety during this difficult time of the epidemic, which has helped me to perform better in difficult situations,” he said. Melinda BendulWho is studying to become a teacher in a vocational school with a sub-degree in ecotrophology.

Funding agencies are diverse

But Deutschlandstipendium is not just about financial support. The company’s tours, mentoring programs, event visits, joint cooking evenings and private discussions are all part of the Deutschlandstipendium offer. About 1,700 students have already received funding. Since 2011, more than six million euros has been paid for sponsored students. It is backed by about 1,700 scholarships donated by companies, foundations and Rotary clubs. With Sonja Pult From the very beginning a scholarship holder also participated in the event and gave an insight into the beginning of the program.

Looking to the future

Palt advises students to be bold, use networks and new acquaintances and realize their own ideas and goals. Many of the students who received scholarships in the first round of the program are now involved in their own professional lives and as sponsors. It looks the same Ellen Thai, A master’s student in agriculture and food industry courses: “When I make enough money, I will be a sponsor myself. It shows me once again how valuable it is to be involved. “

For the anniversary, the university has a brochure with all the funding agencies and many more
Published quotes from sponsored students. Those interested can contact
Report university funding. More companies are being sought as funding partners for the new financing year.

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