Scholarship from the Ministry of Education: Application period is open

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has announced General Scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, for all students who are pursuing compulsory postgraduate studies.

Who can apply for the scholarship of the Ministry of Education?

Students who do not exceed a certain income and / or family resources, who meet certain academic achievement requirements, and who are taking the following courses may apply for this scholarship:

1. Post compulsory and higher education Non-university Valid throughout the Spanish education system and national territory:

    • First and second courses in high school.
    • Intermediate and higher level vocational training, including vocational training studies at the Military Education Center.
    • Vocational art education.
    • Sports education.
    • Higher artistic education.
    • Higher religious education.
    • Language is taught in official schools owned by the education administration, including distance learning methods.
    • Courses and preparation courses for entrance exams in professional training and specific training courses for access to intermediate and higher level training cycles in public centers and integrated private centers where training courses are taught among approved professionals.
    • Elementary grade training cycle.

2. University education University system Spanish studies at Spanish centers and is valid across national territories:

    • University education leads to government undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with undergraduate and postgraduate education completed at defense and civil guard university centers.
    • Preparatory courses for university admission for people over 25 years of age taught by public universities.
    • Complementary training for accessing or obtaining a postgraduate degree and supplementary credit for obtaining a degree. Scholarships for study related to third cycle or doctorate, specialization studies or university degree are not included in this call.


The request must be completed using the electronically accessible form through the department’s electronic headquarters at the address Or on the web

Once the application is completed, any electronic signature system adopted by the Electronic Headquarters must be signed by the interested party or his / her legal representative under the age of 18 and sent by the telematic system thus established. All effects are being presented.

What is the deadline for submission of application?

Scholarship application deadlines for both university and non-university studies will be extended March 30, 2022 to May 12, 202224:00 hours, peninsular time, both included.

What is the economic value of education scholarship?

The economic amount of the scholarship will be formed by the sum of a certain amount and another variable amount.

The specified amount will be as follows:

  1. Tuition Scholarships for Graduates. The amount of tuition scholarships will cover the amount of credits enrolled by the student for the first time in the 2022-2023 academic year.
  2. A certain amount is associated with the student’s income: 1,700 euros for both university and non-university students.
  3. A certain amount attached to the student’s accommodation during the school year: 1,600 euros for both university and non-university students.
  4. Certain amounts associated with academic excellence: Between 50 and 125 euros for both university and non-university students.
  5. Basic Scholarships for Non-University Students: 300 euros. In the case of scholarship holders who join the Basic Degree Training Cycle, the amount will be 350 Euros.

Variable amount. The variable and different amount for different applicants will be the average grade of the student file and their family income and the minimum amount will be 60 euros.

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