Scholarship: Become a craftsman

Craftsmen can now apply for this year’s scholarship for the “Restoration in Crafts” training course at the German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD). (Source: Marvin Fuchs)

From now on, artisans will be able to apply for this year’s scholarship for post-“craft restoration” training at the German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD).

Advanced training can be done in the following businesses, among others: painting and varnishing business, brick bill and concrete construction business, metal construction business, interior decoration business, stonemasonry and stone sculpture business, plastering business, carpenter business, gilding or carpentry business.

According to the German Foundation for Monument Protection, at least 15 scholarships of 3,000 euros each will be awarded in 2022. This is intended to make it easier for young professionals to make the decision to earn the “trade recovery” title while working.

Germany’s historic building stock is a huge economic asset, relying on specially trained craftsmen for its care and maintenance. Preserving this cultural heritage requires specific skills and knowledge to deal professionally and properly with the buildings listed. Often, however, these skills are neglected during educational training in dealing with historical materials and techniques. In order to ensure that knowledge of this particular field of work is not lost in the face of rapid change, qualified craftsmen should not abandon further vocational training.

Application deadline is October 15, 2022. Application guidelines can be downloaded here.

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