Saud bin Sakar Al Qasimi provides 300 scholarships

Maryam Bokhatamin (Ras Al Khaimah)

Sheikh Saud bin Sakar Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research Ras Al Khaimah has confirmed its continuous and uninterrupted efforts since the establishment of the Scholarship Office in early 2020 to support the government’s talent development plan and the Scholarship Office for Emirates Students. And promising professionals offer scholarship opportunities to study undergraduate or postgraduate at selected local universities as well as first-class universities abroad.
Rasha Mohsen, assistant director of the scholarship office at the Sheikh Saud Bin Sakar Al Qasimi Foundation for Public Policy Research, said the office had awarded more than 300 scholarships, explaining that the scholarship office works to run a full, partial and complementary group. Scholarships for study inside or outside the country at the academic degree level, whether undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree. He noted that the Foundation’s Scholarship Program covers 100% tuition fees for undergraduate degree programs and 50% tuition fees for postgraduate programs at private universities in the UAE and provides a monthly stipend for scholarship office degree programs. Covers 50% tuition fees for undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programs in public universities, not to mention scholarships abroad, during which monthly rewards for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs are allocated to scholarship students from the Ministry of Education, and the office Provides full scholarships (tuition fees, monthly stipends, health insurance, travel tickets) for students of the master’s degree program as required by the government’s strategy. Regarding the scholarship admission criteria, he explained that the Scholarship Office seeks to provide scholarships to the best class of students and promising professionals in the UAE and wants to encourage applicants who meet all the requirements and admission criteria to apply due to competitive nature. Scholarship, noting that the eligibility criteria target the citizens of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. .

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Rasha Mohsen confirms that the Scholarship Office receives many scholarship applications annually from eligible students, and therefore the process of reviewing grant applications will be very competitive and all students who receive the scholarship must sign an agreement for the scholarship, which includes certain conditions. To confirm. Scholarship continuity during the study period, maintaining an academic level and increasing GPA of at least 3.0 or equivalent according to the grading system of the university, maintaining regular contact with the scholarship office during the scholarship period, following the student’s code of professional conduct and academic integrity, and scholarship office Scholarships for student participation, highlighting achievements, and sharing personal experiences with other students.

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