Salvadorans receive scholarships to complete university studies Video | Universe Washington WFDC

Complete list.And we’re continuing with more information,The Salvadors are livingOur territory and urine, noCan benefit from scholarshipFor higher education, nowAgencies and beneficiariesThis program, they intendExpand the scope forYoung SalvadranGo ahead, Jacqueline.Jacqueline: There it is, Zeus, yesIt’s about “sister city”.Education opens the doorTo fulfill your dreamsBut not everyone has a careerResources for this reasonThere are dozens of young peopleManaged to meet their goalsAcademic, this dealb and b reach out to students.Scholarship for me was aBlessings that have helped meMy studies, materials, andTrue, expect more than halfTo continue my studiesBecause you know thatOur parents have sacrificedSo much so that weWe can move forward.The purpose is to see what happensThe way we can support each otherEach other, and so onBeing able to enrich peopleaérica and living powerEither way, do somethingThe support of the Savior.Jacqueline: Exactly, inWhere East El SalvadorBecame youngProfessionalsI was proud andRespect to know the schoolThere was strategy and a lot of peopleAnd girlsJacqueline: If you want a scholarshipTo finish their studies,You can visit the website.Also have the same linkOption to donate and supportOthers in this endeavorSuperconWhat message can you tell?Who donates?You’re not just givingMoney, are you paying for it?Wealth, that blessing, thatTo open the door for someoneThat he could not pay for itStudyJacqueline: StopInformation, it hasMail deliveryThe screenThanks for this twiningEquipment has been donated and thisCommunity based here.

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