#rieslingbirthday – DHA-WINEACADEMY awarded three scholarships for International Wrestling Day !: Day Tickets

#rieslingbirthday – DHA-WINEACADEMY offers three scholarships for International Wrestling Day!

Germany’s most important grape variety, Riesling, celebrates its birthday on March 13 On this day in 1435, the grape variety was first mentioned in a document. On the day of honor, the German Hotel Academy (DHA) awarded three scholarships for further internationally recognized “WSET Level 2 – Award in Wines”.

RIESLINGLOVER Scholarship Campaign:

Do you want to win a scholarship for further education at the internationally renowned “WSET Level 2 – Award in Wines” DHA WINEACADEMY? Then simply Instagram and follow us From March 13th to March 20th, post a picture of your most beautiful, fun wrestling boyfriend with a link to our profile.
On March 21 we will announce the names of the three winners on Instagram.

DHA-WINEACADEMY – expertise from wine experts to professionals!

The German Hotel Academy (DHA) offers professional wine advice and taste for beginners and gastroenterologists. In addition to digital and work, interested parties can continue their education to become wine connoisseurs and lay the foundation for a professional career in wine consulting. The DHA is one of the few German partners in the internationally renowned British “Wine and Spirit Education Trust” – with the largest number of graduates in Germany. For experienced wine professionals and potential sommeliers, DHA has been training for several years to become IHK-certified sommeliers. Here, the DHA has twice trained the best graduates of the year from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The DHA wine portfolio includes:

  • Introductory Course “WSET Level 2 – Awards on Wines”
  • Advanced Course “WSET Level 3 – Awards on Wines”
  • Expert Course “Assistant Sommelier (DHA) + WSET Level 3 – Rewards for Wines”
  • Professional Courses for Wine Producers, Wine Business and Hospitality Industry: “Somelier (IHK)”

DHA graduate Michael Malina (Certified Somalier (IHK) and IHK Koblenz’s Best Somalier of the Year): “DHA is the top address for part-time wine qualification!”

“The highlight and heart of our training course is the taste of our site. Whether it’s a Chinese cabernet souvignon from Jirisen’s Hugambar, Weingout Ot to Gruner Weltliner, Penfolds Bin 2 or Shato Changyu – sensitive experiences, sensual pleasures and interactive interactions with other participants – the most important ones – in front of us – Face the events to sharpen the finesse of the flavor and gradually turn it into a wine professional, “explains Bettina Heider, Somalier and
DHA Academy Director.

Interested parties can find all the information in DHA WINEACADEMY’s continuing education portfolio here:

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