One year master’s degree in New York? Südtiroler Volksbank makes this dream possible for four business students

In the coming academic year, four students in the Master’s program in Accounting and Finance will have the opportunity to finish their second year at Baruch College in New York. Thanks to a scholarship funded by Südtiroler Volksbank, high-performing students can earn an Italian-American double degree.

The postgraduate degree in accounting and finance, which is now being offered for the fourth time, has become one of the most exciting courses offered by Bozen-Bolzano Free University. Not only because of the modern design of the course, but also because of the opportunity to finish second and final year studies in New York. Selected students can join the “Master of Science in Finance” or “Master of Science in Accountancy” at Baruch College and thus complete their studies with a double degree, which opens the door to international careers in finance, management and the world. In consulting, senior management and auditing and consulting.

For this reason, Unibz has reached an agreement with one of the long-term sponsors of the course to fund scholarships for the 2022/23 academic year, which will enable students to study at American universities. Südtiroler Volksbank, which has already made it possible for undergraduate students to spend a year in New York in the past, has decided to increase its commitment to securing young talent in South Tyrol and therefore wants to offer scholarships to four students. Upcoming academic year.

We rely on the younger generation, even before they enter the world of work, because they are our future, “emphasizes Christian Antercircher, the head of human resources at Suddterroller Voxbank.” This year, Voxbank has decided to support their growth and further training. Supporting 4 scholarships through funding (3 more than last year) that will enable them to pursue a double-degree master’s degree at Baruch College in New York next academic year. Over the years, Volksbank has come up with the opportunity for students to complete a separate internship according to their interests, trends, and commitment to study. In order to promote the curriculum in line with the needs of the company and to facilitate the access of the youth, it is of fundamental importance for us to continue the fruitful collaboration with the Bozen-Bolzano Free University that has existed year after year. A constantly changing world of work. “

Scholarships are a clear sign that a master’s degree creates additional value for companies in the region from a professional and HR perspective and is appreciated by those involved. “We are extremely grateful to Voxbank for their support of the four talents in their educational path and for their cooperation between our Masters program and a renowned university such as Baruch College,” said Paolo Perego, Head Professor of Masters. Accounting and finance programs. “After all, not every student can afford the high tuition fees of 19,000 in the United States.”

vic / 02/01/2022

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