New research center at New York University Abu Dhabi … and an initiative to support medical students in Saudi Arabia

The government has promised to fill the vacancies at Kuwait University soon

Ali al-Mudaf, Kuwait’s Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has confirmed that he does not accept that Kuwait University’s classification is less than it deserves, noting that Statement A journalist has indicated that his rating will increase, and his vacancy will soon be filled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This was stated at a function organized by the Association of Faculty Members of Kuwait University. For his part, the director of the University of Kuwait. Yusuf al-Raumi said that the issue of increasing or strengthening the current budget of the university is under study, explaining that the administration is in constant touch with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry understands the situation of the university very well.

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The president of King Abdul Aziz University has inaugurated the “Aun” initiative to help medical students

Abdul Rahman bin Obaid Al Ubi, president of King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, inaugurated the “Aun” program on Thursday, which was adopted by the College of Medicine in partnership with the Scientific Endowment. The program provides financial support to college students whose incomes are limited to pursue their academic careers.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, L-UB praised the efforts based on the implementation of the program, based on the social cohesion that the university was known for in all fields, urging the support of the students of the Faculty of Medicine to pass them. They study with ease in the light of the financial situation they face and this prevents them from doing so. To complete their academic careers, in addition to qualifying to perform their humanitarian work in the future which will serve their country. And race.

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Sudan seeks to increase scholarships for postgraduate studies for Yemeni students

Mohammed Hassan Dahab, Sudan’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, confirmed talks on increasing scholarships for postgraduate studies for Yemeni students, and praised the role of Yemeni graduates from Sudanese universities, who number more than 50,000.

During his meeting with Dr. Haber Muhammad Al-Qawli, Cultural Counselor at the Yemeni Embassy in Khartoum, on Thursday, Dahab hinted at activating a memorandum of cooperation between the two Ministries of Higher Education and strengthening cooperation between their universities. Appreciates. Invite his Yemeni counterpart to visit Sudan, and learn about his experience in higher education.

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A demonstration for Lebanese university professors in front of the Presidential Palace

On Thursday, a number of full-time and contracted professors at Lebanese University staged a strike in front of the Presidential Palace in Badda, demanding that the university be saved from collapse. Full-time files and other university files.

“Subsequent governments and parliaments have changed, and our files are in the drawers while we are in the air,” said Dr. Bashar Ismail, a spokesman for the contracted professors.

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Palestine has ratified the Global Convention for the Recognition of Qualifications Related to Higher Education

Palestinian Foreign and Expatriate Minister Riyad al-Maliki, at the request of the Ministry, signed the Convention on the Occupation of the Palestinian Territory, ratifying the 2019 Global Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications. Higher education and scientific research, in preparation for the adoption of the UNESCO Convention as the first United Nations treaty with global opportunities for higher education.

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Munir Anastas, explained on Thursday that the agreement was aimed at improving academic mobility, improving the quality of higher education and increasing international cooperation in higher education. .

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A student group at the University of Bahrain has developed a pilot project for the deaf community

Students at the University of Bahrain were able to create a (VoiceMate) project based on finding a solution for the deaf class, creating an interpreter to translate audible speech into sign language and convert user sign language into audible speech, using artificial intelligence technology.

Talha Ahmed, a software engineering student at the university’s College of Information Technology, said her curiosity about the new technology led her to participate in various hackathon competitions at the University of Bahrain and abroad. He and his team, with the help of the Cloud Innovation Center and the Business Incubation Center of the University of Bahrain, were able to prototype ideas and then transform them into an integrated product.

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