New Arab Jumpstart Pre-University Scholarship for the Summer of 2022

The University of Arizona has received a $ 63,840.00 grant from the Qatar Foundation International to fund the Arab Jumpstart Project Summer 2022 Scholarship. QFI is an educational institution based in Washington, DC, committed to promoting Arabic language teaching and learning.

Offered by the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Arizona Arabic Jumpstart is a 10-week intensive summer program designed to help first-year students, high school students and seniors reach the highest levels of the Arabic language in preparation for rigorous undergraduate entry. Program

  • With this new scholarship, tuition fees for the 2022 Summer Program will be fully funded, with funding from the UArizona and Arab Preliminary Scholarships.
  • If seniors attend high school and are accepted as first-year students at the University of Arizona in the fall of 2022, students will receive scholarships for accommodation, books, meals, and travel. Arizona Arab Core Project.
  • High school juniors and seniors receive a significant tuition reduction and may apply for a scholarship to cover the remaining tuition fee of approximately $ 600 / – for session and living expenses.
  • Jumpstart students participating in the elementary Arabic program will receive scholarship support for learning Arabic in the fall and spring semesters of 2022-2023.
  • Applications must be submitted by May 3, 2022.

“Giving students a strong start in Arabic before they reach college makes it very possible for them to be admitted and stay in the primary program,” he said. Sonia Shree, Grand PI, director of the Arab Primary Education Program in Arizona and an associate professor at the School of Middle East and North African Studies. “These scholarships help create fields for students from all backgrounds and pave the way for motivated and aspiring students to master critical language while pursuing one or more majors.”

Jumpstart Arab students can take up to 10 college credits and complete Arabic in their first, second or third year in the summer. Arabic is taught in each class using modern standard Arabic. A university teacher – Arabic teacher is assigned to work with students in small groups and individually throughout the summer.

The Jumpstart program also includes a variety of interactive cultural activities that develop a better understanding of Arab culture and connect students with the vibrant Arab community in Dushanbe.

Many Jumpstart students meet their undergraduate language requirements to participate in the program and may complete an Arabic major or minor in addition to their other major (s). Some Jumpstart students do this program more than once and become more competitive in offering study projects abroad. When they enter university, their Arabic scholarship puts them alongside advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of Arizona is one of only six institutions in the country to offer a basic Arabic program funded by the National Defense Education Program, which helps graduate students in various disciplines acquire professional level Arabic skills over a 12-month period. Study abroad in Morocco. Students at WA Frank Honors College can now earn Honors Credit for taking Arabic lessons.

“Our experience with graduates of our core program at the University of Arizona and their study abroad program prepares them for a variety of careers. Their advanced Arabic skills and deep global experience set them apart nationally and make them highly desirable job applicants and graduates,” said Mr.

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