Local Development: Training of staff in local areas in collaboration with the National Academy

Local Development Minister Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, in the presence of several leaders of the Ministry of Local and Academic Development, the Executive Director of the National Training Academy. Rasha welcomes Rageb.

The meeting witnessed a review of the latest developments in the cooperation files between the ministry and the academy within the framework of the cooperation protocol signed between the two sides, including the academy’s efforts to develop and rehabilitate local development centers for training. Sakkara, implementation of modern training system and provision of training packages. The final development plan prepared by the Academy for the Sakkara Center is reviewed, including proposals for the development of information and technology infrastructure, digital transformation, headquarters building and its data center. , And the institutional restructuring of the center in accordance with the latest international practice, its staff accommodation and support from the government and prominent young cadres abroad and its twin implementation and development of a marketing strategy for Sakkara with a prominent Dutch center for local capacity building and integrated media for the center. And the process of its implementation in line with technological advances, the creation of an electronic platform for distance training and the interactive availability of training materials in Sakkara to expand the field of training beneficiaries. In local areas, with the development of an advanced training program for local youth leaders for 8 months, similar to the presidential training program implemented at the academy, see the recent worldwide practice in enumeration, conservation, local administration, decentralization and comprehensive development. D of training.

The meeting also witnessed a review of the training program directed by local administration staff, and the graduates of the Ministry of Personnel and Govt. Examinations conducted by the academy at the ministry level for local leaders at the republic level for leaders to work within the system, including 58 city, center or district heads.

During the meeting, Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Sharawi praised the existing level of cooperation and coordination between the Ministry and the National Training Academy, be it at the bilateral level or at the Governorate level, which contributes to improving the performance of the staff. Way and upgrade human components.

The Minister for Local Development also expressed interest in the ministry’s involvement in training and qualifying local cadres in a way that helps implement the Council of Ministers’ mandate in the Republican presidential directives and in many files in the interests of Egyptians. Citizens, on top of which the President’s initiative “Dignified Life” follows the implementation and maintenance of programs for the development of Egyptian rural areas, especially projects and works and its good management after distribution to governorates, which contributes to the preservation of state investment.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed the importance of the training program implemented by the Academy in coordination with the Ministry at all levels, which benefits the staff of the Ministry and the Governorate at all leadership levels including the Secretary General, Secretary General-General. Consistent with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the head of the surrounding areas, cities and centers supporting the Egyptian state plan in all areas of development.

Sharaui said the cooperation between the ministry and the academy in the past has witnessed the beginning of the process of screening candidates for the ministry and governorate as per the presidential order to implement the youth nurturing program which supports local leaders for 200 trainees. A 7-month training period at the academy, adding that the rest of the training programs were implemented. It targets local cadres, such as media offices, human resources and neighborhood leaders, to complete training programs implemented with the participation of governors. General Secretary and Assistant Secretary in 2021.

The Minister for Local Development clarified that in addition to continuing the implementation of the training program, there is coordination and collaboration with the Academy and the Decent Life Foundation in implementing a training program for the staff and local leaders of the Academy’s “Decent Life” unit. Coordinates with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for a professional government official to build the capacity of those who deal directly with citizens. Which has already been completed in more than 20 governorates.

Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Sharawi added that the ministry has targeted 1,600 trainees from local areas in five major programs collaborating with the academy and 200 trainees in the presidential change program at the academy headquarters, as well as 250 external training grants. Prominent staff in the area will be provided by the academy.

For his part, the executive director of the National Training Academy. Rasha Rageb confirmed that the collaboration file with the Ministry of Local Development is one of the largest and most complex files of the academy, as it transcends all the services provided by the academy, starting with advising on the development and restructuring of the local development center in Sakkara, specialized, general and leadership. Passed through test management. And confidence in the academy is a criterion for selecting staff in local areas and platforms. With the Ministry. As well as the “Professional Government Officer” initiative, which aims to equip employees involved in dealing directly with the public. The initiative was implemented two and a half years ago and has so far covered 22 governorates.

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