Link to research on aid cuts from Social Security 1443 with record number or application number

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Omar Shuwail – Jeddah, link to search for distribution of cut-off assistance from Social Security 1443 with record number or application number – Thakafani

Links to inquiries into the distribution of cut-off aid A large number of citizens across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are interested to know the details of the entitlement to support the cut-off assistance provided by Social Security, including one provided by the Saudi government to certain groups eligible for support from Saudi citizens. The most important form of support, aid that is given once or twice a year, and together with the lunar month it will soon launch support for the expected cut aid, and we will review the link to the inquiry about the distribution of aid cut from Social Security 1443 through these lines. .

Link to research on aid cutting from Social Security 1443

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the entity responsible for providing cut-off assistance in Saudi Arabia, allows the possibility of inquiring about eligibility for assistance through the ministry’s official website by following the steps below.

  • This link was first accessed directly through the website of the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
  • The programs available through the website are selected.
  • Choose a handful of support programs.
  • Selecting the icon to search for eligibility for cut-off assistance.
  • Enter all the basic data required by the user through the site, and then select the extract results icon to show the details of the entitlement for immediate support.

Conditions for receiving a handful of assistance 1443

Some control sets must be met to support cut aid provided by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources, and the most important of these controls are:

  • Applicants for a handful of assistance must be Saudi nationals.
  • The citizen must be a permanent resident of Saudi Arabia.
  • Must be low income, poor or working, but income is limited.
  • Helping people in need, whether widowed, divorced, or abandoned.
  • Assistance is also provided to those who have debts and are unable to repay them.
  • Provide assistance to those unable to meet medical and health care needs.
  • It is also offered to scholarship holders outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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