In Rio Negro, about 17,000 students receive Progressive Scholarships

In Rio Negro, there are already Progressive de la Nacion Scholarships for students ages 16 to 17. They add more than 17,000, including about 87 million monthly distributions.

In principle, the projected number was 11,000 but, In March, 17,033 scholarship holders were paid from the Progressor program “Go with the students who have completed primary or secondary education, who are pursuing higher education or are professionally trained”, which is officially presented by the Ministry of Education of the nation.

There are variants, but the most common is recruitment It reaches 6,400 pesos, considering the original scholarship 5,400 pesos and an additional 1,000 pesos for connection.

Registration reopened in March, and 17,033 Rio Negroes arrived, consistent with the first month. The 2022 period ends April 30, always “designed for low-income youth. Those who want to finish their studies at compulsory level and higher education with new quantity and requirements.

Details of Progressive Scholarship

This is a national program for students aged 18 to 24.Which is introduced through Anses, and was extended last year to children under 16 and 17 who attend regularly and with priority, who have dropped out of high school in recent years.

The annual period is considered from March to the following February, Including quarterly reviews on student regularity, which are essential for maintaining pay. Performance is not evaluated but it maintains its regularity.

This first registration ends April 30, but usually, The race was then resumed in the course of the year in front of the beneficiaries due to school dropout.

Included students are a family member Including incomes below three minimum, important and mobile salaries.

Online registration is done through the website of the Ministry of National Education ( or through Anses (

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