Hungry Nights: The Cowfland League of Legends is hiring players

Cowland is forming its own e-sports team with the Hungry Knights (Image: Cowland Group)
Cowland is forming its own e-sports team with the Hungry Knights (Image: Cowland Group)

With Cowland, another retail giant is entering the e-sports arena: the League of Legends scene will be rolled out with its own factory team.

Some go out, others enter: After the withdrawal of uranics and specialist e-sports, Cowfland, as one of the largest European retailers, is investing in a test-tube team that has not yet been established. The Cowfland Hungry Nights Discipline will happen in the future Team of legends In the beginning 3 divisions of the Prime League. Short-term goals: First division.

Nationwide casting is looking for five players who will move to the team house in Berlin from February 2022, where they will be ready for tournaments, leagues, twitch streams and tick-tock videos. Players receive a fixed monthly salary and free accommodation is arranged.

If you wish to be there, you can apply for a corresponding “e-Sports Scholarship”: Deadline for applications is December 12th. One of the criteria for hiring: “You can be as ‘fresh’ as ​​Cowfland and identify with our values.” Players will also be given their own content creators who “Creates unique content for you personally. “

Christoph Snyder, Managing Director of Cowfland Marketing Germany: “With Scholarship, which has never been before, we want to enrich the scene with exciting characters that make gaming an experience for so many people.”

The idea and strategy came from the social media organization Left, with which Cowfland is already working. Ice cream brand Nuii, frozen pizza line Gustavo Gusto and storage media maker Western Digital (WD_Black) have appeared as co-sponsors.

Left Co-Managing Director Renেনে Rasmussen: “E-sports scholarship is a unique concept in Germany. We look forward to hearing from the many inspired and talented gamers. ”

Like Liddle, Cowfland belongs to the Schwartz Group based in Neckarsalm and is one of the largest food retailers in the country: Cowfland employs more than 76,000 people in Germany alone. The sister company Lidl has been collaborating with Colon e-sports company SK Gaming since the beginning of the year.

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