How to choose your free scholarship? … Learn the steps

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Many are currently searching Free scholarship 2021 After high school in Egypt or online, and after they take the high school exams and the high school results are released, many students start the journey Free scholarship To get the opportunity to study abroad or inside Egypt without big financial burden or to get the opportunity to study outside Egypt, here are the details Free Scholarship 2021 And ways to select appropriate grants.

Free scholarship

Free scholarship

As considered Scholarship It is a sum of money given to a student or university where he wants to study to complete the educational stage, regardless of school or university.

Students do not need to pay Free scholarship Which provides free scholarships for huge sums of money to study abroad and it is on a percentage basis Scholarship Specified by the University.

Types of free scholarships

1- Providing entitlement

These scholarships are awarded to those who meet certain conditions set by the university, either academic excellence, or the distinction of certain talents with academic excellence, or those who have a financial need.

2- Allowing minorities and special groups

It is paid for special groups or religious or ethnic minorities, such as special grants for women, grants for refugees, grants for developing countries or regions, or grants for children of workers in a company or sector, such as children for military personnel.

Types of grants for funding

1- Fully funded scholarship

And included Grants Fees that cover and include all costs (Tuition Fee – Registration Fee – Accommodation Cost – Travel Cost – Accommodation Allowance – Excess amount for rights and projects)

2- Partial financing

Grants The tuition fee may be partially covered or a portion of it, or it may cover the cost of accommodation or living allowance and the study grant may be combined to cover the full cost.

Free scholarship

How to get a scholarship

1- Choosing the right scholarship through different platforms to suit your educational background.

2- Beware of fraud. You should not pay for information about educational opportunities and do not enter any information about your bank account.

3- Submission of application for grant at the time declared by the authority, and the procedure of submission is different from one side to the other.

4- Basic Required Documents are (Secondary or University Certificate – Grade Sheet – “In case of granting financial rights” Documents with identification information – Identity card “Passport or Birth Certificate …”)

5- Your CV with all the skills and abilities you have acquired and the activities you have participated in.

6- Fill the application form and type the information without handwriting.

7- Why did you apply for this scholarship and write a letter of inspiration to study with answers for your excellence in writing and your personality.

8- A letter of recommendation from at least one of your managers, boss, or anyone you know who knows your nature.

9- Choose an academic or professional consultant.

10- Arrange your papers well and then apply to the official authority.

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