How many people are registered for international scholarship?

More than 38,000 professionals are registered to request one in two thousand International Scholarship Similar to this year, paid by the Ministry Higher educationScience and Technology (Mesit)

That number is double the number of requests made last year, which ended at 17,000.

In all, 11,348 people have completed their application, and the most requested fields are business administration, health, education, engineering, economics and finance, law, computer science, social media, and data analysis and statistics.

The summons International Scholarship Degree, with 490 offers of specialty open from Thursday 10th March, Postgraduate degree And doctorate.

Ministry of Tourism, Business and Health is the specialized sector where this year Higher educationScience and Technology (Mesit) Gives more opportunities for this International Scholarship.

Academic offers are made in areas of knowledge that need to be strengthened, prioritizing those study programs with the highest demand for productive fabric.

The technical platform contains a list of required documents and requirements Mesit To access scholarship opportunities, including, according to the Minister Franklin Garcia Fermin, The best will be selected based on the grade and the student’s boundaries will be considered so that it is democratic.

Scholarships are available from universities in Germany, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Switzerland..

In addition to the National Scholarship System MesitYouth, Labor, Economy, Planning and Development, Industry and Commerce and MSME, Office of the Innovation of the Presidency and Government Office of Information and Communication Technology, created by Decree No. 549-21, issued by the Legal Adviser to the Executive.

The selection process will be completed in the next few days after verification of the file submitted by the applicants and based on the academic indicators and place of origin of the applicants.

Dominicans living abroad were also eligible to participate in the draw International Scholarship On equal terms with others.

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