Higher Education Minister sees end of student activities competition of “Youth Leaders” Foundation

Eyewitness said. Khaled Abdel Gaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, concluding the Student Activity Competition at Egyptian Universities, for the third year in a row, organized by the Youth Leaders Foundation, March 22-21.

It was attended by Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaz, Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs of Egypt, Representative Ahmed Fathi, Deputy Solidarity Committee of the House of Representatives, Executive Director of the Youth Leaders Foundation. , And a number of personalities and civil society representatives at a hotel in Cairo.

At the beginning of his speech, the Minister praised the Youth Leader Foundation for its outstanding organization of this big competition for the third time in a row, appreciating the student participation of 340,000 participants, despite the challenge of Corona epidemic. From various Egyptian universities, of which 12 teams were selected in the final round. According to many skills and standards, which reflect the efforts of the organizers of the competition, which has become an added value in the efforts of the Ministry. Field of work and student activity.

Abdul Gaffar added that student activities represent an important pillar of the education process in the ministry’s institutions. He mentioned that the universities have about 3 million students who represent the present and future of the country and the national projects adopted by the state, especially in the field of education, whether to establish new public, technical, private or non-government universities or develop curricula. , Primarily aimed at securing a bright future for Egyptian youth, equipping them with various skills and scientific abilities.

The Minister noted that the role of universities is not limited to education but also a factory for talented and creative people in all fields of sports, science or industry, noting that there is a fund to sponsor innovators and talents aimed at supporting student projects so that It has grown into a small start-up company that serves the community, as well as the role of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and the Science, Technology and Innovation Funding Authority, which assists researchers in a variety of scientific disciplines. And the field of research, inviting students and researchers to visit the official website of the Ministry of Students to see aspects of the assistance provided by the Ministry in this regard.

Abdul Ghaffar emphasized that the ministry has also paid close attention to cultural, artistic and sports activities and has worked to refine and develop the skills, talents and abilities of the students in these activities. During a visit to Kafr El-Sheikh University last year, Republican President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi instructed that Egypt prepare to host the World University Squash Championship in November this year, and the 2024 World University Handball Championship, as well as the new administrative capital. In the case, and organizing a competition for electric cars for university students in Sharm El, as well as the collaboration of universities with the city of culture and industry. -Sheikh at the end of March.

For his part, Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj praised the competition for cooperation between many government agencies and civil society organizations, noting that there is great cooperation between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Solidarity in supporting and implementing student projects. In addition to Nasser Bank, 27 solidarity units have been established in the university. In order to support research and student innovation, soft loans and grants were provided, noting that 670 university scholarships were awarded to students of Egyptian universities.

Al-Qabwaz added that the ministry’s role is primarily based on fighting poverty and achieving development by encouraging creative and prominent ideas after a thorough study, noting that the ministry has a fund for environmental and industrial development, where it develops. By employing them in an optimal way, relying on environmental resources and research, he emphasizes the importance of encouraging successful student projects to play their part in the development of Egypt.

For her part, Ambassador Nabila Makram emphasized the importance of competing to develop the talents of young people and discover their talents, noting that caring for young people is a top priority of the Ministry of Immigration. In collaboration with the authorities. He mentioned that the ministry has centers abroad for discussions with young Egyptians studying abroad; To provide their moral support, indicates that Egypt is witnessing a new era of real development and requires the strength and efforts of its loyal youth.

For his part, Representative Ahmed Fathi reaffirmed that the Youth Leaders Foundation works in support of Egypt’s Vision 2030, to support student activities and to encourage students to participate, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, which aims to empower youth, and political leadership for 2022. Consistent with the selection. One year for civil society organizations, it highlights the Youth Leaders Foundation’s belief in the ability of Egyptian youth to think creatively, plan, and implement projects that benefit their society, a goal that the Foundation seeks to achieve.

Fathi points to the success of the program in the previous two editions over the past two years, with students from 18 different governorates participating in more than 500 student activities at 50 universities across the country, with a financial prize of about 50 750,000, noting that this year Witnessing a large gathering of activities, where students participate in 100 different activities in 6 different fields (technology and innovation, manufacturing and manufacturing, human development, medicine and public health, simulation models and environment)

In addition to the competition, the winning project in various fields is honored.

The Young Leaders Foundation is a non-profit, non-profit, non-profit organization working to find young leaders and develop their skills, and to find effective solutions for community development and to create new generations. Community, political and administrative leadership, using the latest assessment and development tools and equipment. Internationally recognized.

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