Her 19-year-old daughter is seriously ill: she needs to be relocated but her scholarship is delayed

Members of the Mar del Plata group “Mother of Struggle” They denounced the fact that the municipality of General Puyredan only provides one-third of the stipend earmarked for medical transfer coverage. People with disabilities. Violations are reported Victoria TorresAbril’s mother, a 19-year-old girl suffering from cerebral palsy and a degenerative disease and who has, to date, “Terminal phase

The municipality acknowledged that there was a delay in providing the scholarships, but said that everything possible had been done to speed up the bureaucratic process to address these issues, which must be overcome.

“I don’t always have the money to pay for relocation and the neighbors take me away urgently. There is nothing more to do for April but at least I need to know that if something happens I will have an ambulance To take him ”, raised the woman, to 0223.

According to a member of “Mamas en lucha”, during the administration of Carlos Arroyo, a promise was made with the municipality to guarantee coverage for the relocation of children, which was renewed with the arrival of Guillermo Montenegro.

Victoria Torres was critical of the Department of Disability’s response.

“Before we used to charge every month but now we sign every three months and within three months that they will pay us, we charge only one. In other words, we are signing as if we are taking money, but in reality what they give us is one month, not three, ”he stressed.

Also, April’s mother questioned whether the amount of scholarships in this section of the Montenegro administration had ever been updated. “The little money they give us is still the same as before. That doesn’t change”, He scolded.

A local group spokesman reiterated, “My baby is very delicate and every time I have to move him, since Sam does not come to pick him up, I have to ask for money to take him to Interzonal Hospital for services,” the local group spokesman reiterated.

While defending the municipality, Ma Mar del Plata sought help from the community to get diapers and an anti-decubitus mattress. Anyone interested in bringing in donations can contact 2235315288.

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