Graduation Scholarship in Turkey opens the door to apply for 2022.

The Turkish Scholarship Presidency has announced the opening of the application for government scholarships for 2022, which are given to foreign students to continue their studies in Turkey.

The Turkish Scholarship Presidency has determined that applications for government Turkish scholarships will be accepted from 10 January this year, until 20 February.

The Scholarship Presidency said in a statement that registration for the scholarship includes all university study levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees.

He mentioned that for the grant, the applicants must upload all the required official documents through the application system through the link designated for it, emphasizing that applications submitted manually or by post will not be accepted.

The Turkish Scholarship is one of the most important scholarship programs in the world, exclusively aimed at foreign students, and is funded entirely directly by the Turkish state and is witnessing a growing demand from university students in many countries around the world.

In addition to free registration at public universities in Turkey, its offers include round-trip air tickets for accepted students, a monthly stipend for each student, health insurance, accommodation during the study period and Turkish language courses one year in advance. Initiate study in desired specialization.

The most important features of Turkish scholarship:

Scholarship applicants do not need TOEFL or IELTS certificate or Turkish language proficiency certificate.

Students accepted for the scholarship receive one year of free Turkish language study.

The scholarship student receives a ticket from the Turkish government from the country where he resides and pays to travel to his home country from Turkey at the end of his studies.

The student has the right to receive a paid “student accommodation” from the Turkish state for the duration of his study in Turkey.

The Turkish state provides free accommodation, including accommodation, for students on scholarships.

The Turkish Scholarship provides monthly stipends to students, 800 lira for undergraduate students, 1100 lira for master students and 1600 lira for doctoral students, and it also pays 6000 lira to scholars.

The Turkish state provides free health insurance to students throughout their study period.

The Turkish state offers a transport card at a low subsidy price to the student accepted for the scholarship.

The scholarship is open to every student who wishes to apply and from all countries of the world.

Turkish Scholarship Admission Conditions:

In general, it is necessary that students applying for Turkish scholarships do not hold Turkish citizenship.

For undergraduate students, the student age should not be more than 21 years, the average student in high school should not be less than 70%, and the student’s medical study rate should not be less than 90%,

For Masters students, the age of the applicant should not be more than 30 years and the bachelor degree average should be at least 75%.

For doctoral students, the student’s age should not be more than 35 years and the average of postgraduate or postgraduate degree should be at least 75%.

Students can apply for the Turkish Scholarship through the following link and then follow the instructions:

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