Fully funded .. Application deadline for 2022 Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship

The Turkish Presidency of Religion has announced the receipt of registration and application for the annual scholarship for secondary and undergraduate level for the academic year 2022-2023, which is given to foreign students, starting from 01 February to 15 March.

The presidency has indicated on its official website that applications will be accepted through the religion grant system at the following link, registration will start on the first day: https://diyanetburslari.tdv.org

The conditions for applying for the Turkish Religious Scholarship for the High School “Imam Khatib High School Program” include the following:

– That he does not have Turkish citizenship or the right to receive it.

Born on 01/01/2005 and onwards.

Must be unmarried, unmarried.

He must have completed the intermediate or preparatory stage, which is equivalent to the eighth stage in Turkey.

His total score should not be less than 70%.

Not to be a victim of any disciplinary action at the education level.

He should not have stopped studying for more than two years after the preparation stage without an acceptable excuse.

He certainly did not finish primary education in Turkey.

– There are no mental or physical barriers to his education in Turkey.

– His family lives outside of Turkey.

Not being a refugee, and not living with his family in Turkey.

The country in which he is a citizen must live there.

He noted that all students who have completed their secondary education at TRNC and students participating in the high school imam and preaching program in Turkey will not benefit from the university seats allocated for undergraduate studies and will be considered Turkish citizens.

The conditions for applying for a graduate scholarship are as follows:

Not being a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

Turkish citizenship not obtained and lost it for any reason.

– Must be born on 01.01.2000 or above.

– There are no health or mental barriers for a student to continue his education in Turkey.

– The student must have completed the equivalent of secondary level or twelfth level in Turkey and the total number should not be less than 70%.

Students should not take any disciplinary action at the stage of education.

The student should not suspend his / her studies for more than two years after completing the secondary level without an acceptable excuse.

He has certainly not received any previous grants from the Turkish Religion Foundation, and his donations have been suspended, or he has stopped himself.

– Student who is not enrolled in Turkish university and is currently studying there.

The most important features of Turkish Religion Scholarship 2022:

– Fully funded, where the Turkish Religious Foundation pays annual tuition fees for accepted students, including scholarships.

– The state provides free health insurance to the student throughout the period of study, allowing him to receive free medical treatment at all government hospitals and medical centers in Turkey.

The accepted student is given a monthly cash grant.

The scholarship provides free accommodation, including accommodation costs, for accepted students.

Provide many opportunities including training camps and free social activities including Arabic, English and Quran memorization courses.

The student receiving the scholarship receives a travel ticket issued by the Turkish religion in the country in which he resides in Turkey and at the end of his study period in his country from Turkey.

Documents required for the scholarship:

A copy of a valid passport or ID.

A medical report confirms that the applicant is free of disease (from government authorities).

6 personal photos, size 4.5 × 6

Turkish Equality Certificate for Study Certificate.

Additional requirements have been added for the Imam and Preacher High School program.

– Official and certified parental approval to study in Turkey.

– A copy of the certificate of completion in the preparatory stage (intermediate).

– A copy of the middle school certificate transcript.

Birth certificate or a copy of it.

For the graduation program of the Turkish Religious Endowment Scholarship Program for the Faculty of Sharia, the above mentioned documents are attached to the following documents:

– Certificate of the original secondary school or a copy certified by the government authority.

A copy of the final year of high school for the student, if the grade is not very good.

Letters of recommendation and letters of intent.

Certificate in any language or academic or professional excellence must be attached.

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