Fulbright Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies in the United States: How to Apply?

The Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), along with the Columbian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ISTEX) and the Fulbright Columbia Commission – through the Youth in Action program – has called for a system to provide scholarships to qualified professionals.

Under the terms of the Fulbright DPS Youth in Action Scholarship, “this call is part of the requirements expressed by the Mission of Knowledgeable Persons to contribute to the formulation and implementation of a public policy on education, science, technology and innovation.” Help Colombians build human capital in postgraduate studies Committed to responding to the country’s social, economic and productive challenges

Similarly, it details that the call seeks to promote the application in the priority focus defined by the Mission of Wise Men as “highly relevant to Colombia’s development”:

  • Converging technology
  • Cultural and creative art
  • Sustainable energy
  • Biotechnology, environment and bioeconomics
  • Oceans and aquatic biological resources
  • Social science and human development including equity
  • Life and health sciences
  • Basic and space science

For this occasion, call target Contribute to the high-level training of up to five Columbian University professionals While applying for the scholarship they are supported by the Jovenes en Acción program and have completed their collaboration in the training program for those who want to run masters programs at U.S. universities starting in the second semester of 2023.

Selected candidates must return to Colombia at the end of their study program and stay in the country for a minimum of two years, during which time they must pay for the knowledge gained during the scholarship, as detailed in the terms of the scholarship. .

The Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS) will contribute to the program under a 100% waiver of educational loan amounts. From the beginning of postgraduate studies in the second semester of 2023 is counted for funding up to twenty-four months. It is important to note that Candidates selected within the call structure will not be able to suspend their scholarship.

The call has been enabled since 22 February and will run until 2 May. The Fulbright Columbia program has benefited more than 5,104 people nationwide.

How to apply?

Under the terms of reference, the steps to apply for a scholarship are:

  • Carefully read the terms and attachments of the reference for the scholarship you are going to apply for.
  • Fill out the Fulbright registration form
  • Include all the requested documents and information in the requirements of the scholarship conditions and the required documents for the scholarship you are going to apply for.
  • Fill out the Laspau form and apply to the LASPAU platform. To facilitate this, consult the application guidelines.

The selection process consists of two stages:

Technical review (compliance with requirements): The Fulbright Commission reviews applications received within the established date and time of the call, verifies their eligibility and agrees with the requirements established in the Terms.

Academic evaluation: Applications passed in the previous step will be evaluated by a committee consisting of equivalent academic evaluators. Each application will be evaluated by at least two equivalent reviewers according to the following criteria:

  • Test: The relevance and impact of the proposal in the survey area and for Colombia.
  • Personal essays: Consistency and clarity of interest and reasons for applying for Fulbright Scholarship.
  • Academic path: All research carried out. Academic awards received with your application will also be evaluated.
  • Letter of recommendation: Briefly describe the potential of the candidate to conduct the proposed study program and highlight the relevant qualities, abilities and characteristics for this purpose.

Subsequently, candidates with the highest score will be called for an interview during the academic assessment. The criteria for the interview stage are: leadership ability, influence, maturity and adaptability. Finally, Fulbright Columbia will select the candidates who have passed all the stages of the selection process and got the highest score.

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