Fulbright Egypt provides scholarships to the people of Aswan

Aswan Governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Atiyah met with a delegation from the Fulbright Authority of Egypt. Led by Maggie Nassif, to prepare human cadres in collaboration with donors as part of the Governorate’s ongoing efforts. Current information in various fields of work. The meeting discussed the progress of the Fulbright grant for research and study for Aswan boys who have graduated from an Egyptian university. For undergraduate studies, and faculty members.

The meeting was held in the presence of Deputy Governor Dr. Gada Abu Zaid and Head of the Population Unit and International Relations Coordinator of the Governorate, Mervat Al-Saman, officials of the concerned authorities.

Maj. Gen. Ashraf Atiya Fulbright thanked Egypt for this pioneering initiative, which aimed to give employees multiple professional experiences in the public sector, and for this, a coordinating committee was formed from all the appropriate authorities under the supervision of the Deputy Governor. Meetings to fully follow the program and to fully follow the procedure for its implementation. , Emphasizing that the Governorate, for its part, is moving at a steady pace in implementing intensive training programs for the General Court and various local staff. The unit and the service directorate, which is in line with President Abdel Fattah L-CC’s insightful vision to support and qualify young cadres capable of taking charge with the latest management theory and scientific and practical planning, in which it benefits all sectors of the country. .

For his part, Dr. Maggie Nassif praised the development work that Aswan is currently witnessing, explaining that the highest percentage of candidates are interested in receiving grants, bringing a Fulbright graduate to Aswan through a celebration as well as organizing training workshops for them and young people. So that they benefit from their previous experience and skills and the authorities will try their best to qualify the young people who are willing to apply so that they can pass the required test.

In the same vein, Mervat El-Saman said that various grants are applied for through the following links “https://fulbright-egypt.org/porgram/student” and “https://apply.iie.org/ffsp2023”, Fulbright As a goal-oriented program, the aim is to enhance the skills and abilities of English teachers for undergraduate graduates, to represent them in masters and doctoral programs, to prepare leaders, to apply applied, fine and representative art fields, Islamic studies, to collect scientific material and Conducting research for the 2023/2024 academic year, as well as business administration for university and research center leaders. June 7, 2022, Note that there is also the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, a Fulbright program for teaching foreign languages. , Which is available for application until June 28, 2022, when there are other programs and post-doctoral research grants for faculty members represented by grants for conducting artistic institutions, museums and heritage studies in addition to the Fulbright Joint Supervision. PhD program, the deadline for submission of documents for these programs is 30th August.

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