Excluded requirements for accessing a dining room scholarship

As every year, before the epidemic, Commodore Scholarships have been unveiled as a great achievement and benefit of university management. This year is no exception, and applicants’ requirements have been extended, on the 18th and 20th for the San Salvador site, and on the 18th, 19th and 20th for the San Pedro site. However, we will tell you why these scholarships are actually excluded and inadequate.

Cruelty as a meritorious character is its main requirement, being an “advanced” student or entering the 1st year, the rest do not exist or are required according to this education policy. And a total of 6,000 have been registered for this year, in the humanities department alone; According to a survey conducted by the Tutoring System, the reasons for the limited nature of the scholarship have been explained.

Also, this year’s University Cafeteria Mutual del Circulo de Officialis de la Policia de la Provincia, based in San Salvador de Juju, will be located.

Next, we point out the requirements to be able to apply for a “benefit” that should be able to eat while not being unconscious while studying at a public university, although this should be considered an inalienable right.

All men, women and children have the inalienable right to be free from hunger and malnutrition in order to fully develop and maintain their physical and mental capacity. (Universal Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition, ratified by the World Food Conference on November 16, 1974, the United Nations)

Plus $ 16,500 for each member.

Having lunch with Morales police

And as if the agreement was not enough for UNJU students to contribute their knowledge to the province’s repressive forces, Rodolfo Tekchi, Rector of IUPS (Provincial University Institute of Security), Lic. Signed between Calvó and the Minister of Security, I run in 2019; Now the University Canteen of San Salvador de Juju is located in the Mutual of the Circle of Police Officers of the Province.

Apparently nothing “high studies” and long and short-term memories of home remain Dental doctrine sticksNow it’s the arm that “protects” or suppresses with greater “professionalism” and gives you a place to eat.
How much will the contract be? We do not know.

But what we do know is that a few days ago, the police cracked down on the social organizations that were protesting as a right recognized in the national constitution. And the state’s armed wing arrested its leaders for asking for food for the kitchen and, in addition, they
Stigmatized in the hegemonic media and in the fight against hunger by the national and provincial governments.

For a university cafeteria for everyone

By 2019, LID has already reflected the adjustments made in the country’s university cafeterias, with long lines for accessing lunch as the total number of scholarship recipients falls short.

This year, with the approval of national and popular governments, continued funding of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to legitimize the Macrista scandal, with a coordinated budget, strong inflation, large corporate profits, and a poorer, more unequal growth of the working population; Good times are not predicted but the crisis is being carried on the backs of workers, women, dissidents, local people and students.

Those of us who study at UNJU know that the problems we encounter during the study are: lack of time bands, classrooms and seats, scholarship, maternal-paternal garden, internet, as well as basic rights, which are not food. These cover up the primary reasons for students’ abandonment or stagnation.

Even if we talk about the fact that at the statistical level INDEC numbers show that the percentage of households living below the poverty line in the second half of 2021 was 27.9%, i.e. about 17 million people. The same report further found that more than half of the 51.4% children were poor.

Meanwhile, among 15- to 29-year-olds, the poverty rate averaged 44.2%. And helplessness affects 8.2% of people who can’t afford the minimum food basket, meaning they are hungry. And in Juju, the biggest loss of registered employment was registered and before the epidemic it already had a high rate of labor informality. In addition, poverty has increased from 25.7% to 36.2% since 2016.

These data show how severe the social crisis is and under IMF co-government and gossiping inflation could get worse. In contrast to the heavy meals of Dean and Rector Rodolfo Tekchi, which is more than a million pesos per month.

They get special privileges in exchange for subordinating the university in the interest of national and provincial governments. And in terms of food, not all students can afford a full and varied lunch for each day and not all of them live away from the different faculties to eat at home.

However, the commitment to build a student dining room from October 2021 and according to local media is thinking 2 years to implement it; Creating the necessary jobs (including vacancies and equal pay for family baskets) at public universities to guarantee a quality service, highlighting the need to guarantee dining room services with adequate physical space; Without quotas, so that everyone can access this inalienable right and without delay.

Protect public education and our right to study and receive. We need to organize ourselves in rallies where we, the students, are fighting for our rights, working and unemployed workers, local people, to stand up against the current coordination with women, to refuse fraudulent loan repayments like in 2018.

For that reason, from October / bread and roses In the youth society of PTS-FIT, we demand to hold a rally together where we all have voice and vote to discuss the crisis we are facing and what we will do as students in the face of university expulsion policy. The repression, stigma and oppression of the Morales and Alberta police regimes should not rob us of our future.

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