Emirati universities offer scholarships for citizens and residents

Emirates universities offer annual scholarships to attract meritorious students, including: academic qualifications and competitions, sports excellence, and fraternity scholarships at the university, in addition to scholarships for financially disabled students, and some scholarships cover tuition costs. Fees for national students and outstanding international students. In addition to a monthly stipend for national students, the rest of the scholarships offer discounts on tuition fees, ranging from 10 to 75%.

Scholarships vary in Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Space Science, Law, Business Administration, Arts and Sciences. The Ministry of Education emphasizes the need for students wishing to study at a private higher education institution, whether inside or outside the country, to ensure that they are recognized by the Ministry.

In detail, Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (the world’s first undergraduate-level university specialized in artificial intelligence research) has announced that all recognized students will have the opportunity to complete their studies with a full scholarship, including a 100% tuition fee. Including monthly allowance, accommodation and many other benefits. On the other hand, the university offers Master of Science and PhD programs in the major fields of artificial intelligence and has three main specializations: machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing.

NYU Abu Dhabi Vice President Marriott Westerman reaffirms the University’s commitment to attracting and educating talented and distinguished students from around the world, regardless of financial means, as the University pursues a selective admissions policy with specific criteria aimed at developing and building future leaders. As part of the government’s relentless efforts to create innovative and distinguished national cadres, it provides full scholarships to outstanding emirate students enrolled in universities under the umbrella of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Scholarship Program. New York University in Abu Dhabi, so that Emirati students do not have to submit any request for financial assistance from the university.

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers scholarships for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs to cover their tuition costs, depending on the individual situation or academic excellence and academic merit, noting that there are four types of first scholarships, especially Sheikh. The Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Scholarship for Emirati students, through which he receives all Emirati students or children of Emirati mothers, is entitled to a full scholarship that covers the undergraduate program fees (including Foundation Year fees) and the second type is the Academic Excellence Scholarship. , Which provides a 15% tuition fee for students who enroll in the first semester of the program. Scholarships are up to 25% from the second semester and up to 75% on fees depending on their academic performance and previous results. Semester

The university noted that the third type of scholarship is for French school students, where students studying in a school with a French curriculum receive a scholarship that covers a 10% fee for the first semester, while the fourth type relates to scholarships, which are Total and “Schlhaub” and A group from the Ardian Foundation provides scholarships based on academic excellence and the financial status of a selected number of students.

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences at Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa University of Sciences, among other facilities, provides full scholarships for citizens and residents. Scholarships for national students include monthly stipends, full tuition fees, and assistance to attend educational events locally. And international, and university accommodation at no cost. (Subject to availability), in addition to university textbook provisions, scholarships for residential students include full tuition fees, support for their attendance at educational events locally and internationally, free university accommodation (subject to availability) in addition to textbook provisions.

Abu Dhabi University offers a number of scholarship programs, including the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Scholarship, which offers 100% discounts on tuition fees, application fees, registration fees, student service fees, health service fees and presidential scholarships. Offers 100% discount on all tuition fees and 10% to 50% tuition fees for University Scholarship UAE residents and applicants from Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The remaining scholarship programs offered by the university include the Academic Scholarship, which offers its holders a regular discount of 20% on tuition fees for Abu Dhabi University students, and the Sports Scholarship, which regularly offers a 25% discount on tuition fees to Abu. For each academic year, students at the University of Dhabi, and undergraduate scholarships, which ADU Abu Dhabi graduates wishing to continue their university studies at the undergraduate level, may receive a 20% discount on tuition fees and a graduate scholarship for outstanding students. In addition to partial discounts for family members. Or 25% of the tuition fee according to the number of family members registered for study.

Vice President of Administrative and Financial Affairs, said. Nasser Al-Markab, explains that the university provides educational grants worth 50% of the tuition fee to all students who have achieved 90% or higher at the undergraduate level. Students inside and outside the country, and there are many scholarships and various discounts.

Ajman University, on the other hand, said it has approved a number of scholarship initiatives to attract students of different nationalities within the university’s strategic planning framework, with the aim of enabling maximum number of students to complete their education without hindrance. Or challenge.

The university in its regulations approves tuition fees up to 100% at state level for high school graduates, up to 100% scholarships for high school graduates at Emirates level and scholarships for excellence in high school (for those 90% or more) tuition fees. At 20%, the university has allocated grants for high school students (those who have received 99% or more) at the rate of 50% in the first semester, separate grants for university students. Up to 20%, up to 100% tuition fee grant for top faculty of the university, and a scholarship for professional diploma program, 50% of tuition fee is provided.

Al Falah University Dean of the College of Mass Communication. Hassan Mustafa said the university has awarded scholarships this year to high school students and outstanding students in a number of specializations in the College of Business Administration, College of Law. And the College of Mass Communication adds up to 40%, adding that the number of students who have benefited from scholarships in the last two years is 70% of national students, because there are differences between grants, excellence grants, sibling grants and wife grants, in addition to general grants.

He highlighted the importance of these scholarships in the process of developing the university’s aims and objectives to serve the people of the country and in qualifying and preparing the generation of Arab citizens and communities with educational degrees who are eligible to enter the labor market. Discipline and study programs.

3 scholarships at Zayed University

Zayed University offers three types of scholarships, including: Graduate Scholarship, which is awarded to international students on the basis of academic merit based on the student’s final grade 12 results, and such scholarships cover up to 50% of tuition fees. The University Family Grant, which is given to the families of children enrolled in the university program, where the university gives a 25% discount to each boy after the first child and is not allowed to link it with other large grants. In addition to tuition fee grants for university programs for the children of university employees, it also offers discounts of up to 50% on tuition fees for the children of university employees and the children of faculty members – time contracts. The scholarship is terminated when the student’s parent’s work contract expires.

Emirates University

The University of the United Arab Emirates offers two types of scholarships for undergraduate students, international students who have obtained a high school certificate or its equivalent percentage (97%) and above. Provides a full scholarship for first-class undergraduate students, 100% fee waiver. Students can earn it until graduation by maintaining a growing average of 3.8 or more throughout the study period, and no less than 15 credit hours per regular semester. The university has indicated on its official website that the second type of scholarship is a partial scholarship for undergraduate students who receive a general secondary certificate or its equivalent percentage (90%) or more and thereby receive a 50% discount on tuition fees. Evaluated.

“Education”: “Requirement for students to ensure that the universities they study at are recognized by them.”

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