Election Campaign: There are flaws in Baerbock’s book – and a generally useful grant

There are now 40 copied passages without mentioning the source. This is a lot, even for a relatively thin book that was apparently written exclusively for electioneering purposes.

So much so that the publisher who released the “now” of Analena Bearback is now announcing that the next edition will reveal the sources. It’s a shame that publishers are now bringing this up. Wasn’t it his job – like Greens’ – to find fault beforehand?

This is also an admission. So something good, anyway. This refers to earlier omissions: How can one capture today’s media reality, which is no longer just classic media, but also poachers who work on their own accounts and bloggers believe that there may still be something in the broom? Carpet?

Baerbock’s book contains not only plagiarism but also errors

Anyone who has ever written a book knows how tempting it is to equip oneself with borrowed feathers – and to ignore it. And yet, that doesn’t help: every thought that one copies is intellectual theft.

However, others survive the originality of stealing, the creative people who first had these thoughts. Interestingly, Greens co-chairman Robert Habeck was the first to point out the connection. He himself would have liked to be the chancellor candidate.

But Baerbock’s book doesn’t just cover theft. But also wrong. In a new review of “FAZ” it says:

“Elsewhere, Bearback works with the Shenzhen Agreement. It was closed in 1985 in the Luxembourg border town of Shenzhen. Bearback mistakenly believes that Spain and Portugal were among the first countries to postpone the historic meeting for a decade. At the same time, he wrote that it had eliminated border controls in the EU. But the EU did not exist in 1985, when it was the ‘European Community’. He says George W. Bush Sr. offered Germany “Partners in Leadership” in 1991, but only in 1989, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Laws have not been passed on the Reichstag building, as advised by Bearback, but on the crawler, since the Reichstag building could not be used after the Reichstag fire. “

Not surprisingly, the FAZ reviewer came to the following conclusion: You can’t deny her passion. When it comes to skills, he needs to improve. ” It hurts.

Nonprofit Scholarship for Personal Career Advancement?

Just as painful is the painful search for a doctoral scholarship that between 2009 and 2012 the Bowl Foundation Barebuck near Greens – a total of about 40,000 euros. However, federal government guidelines for such scholarships specify that the scholarship holder spends most of his or her time doing his or her doctoral thesis.

However, it is doubtful whether this can be said about Bearback, as he held party office in his time as a scholarship holder. What the Greens themselves claimed drew the attention of the Bearbacks at the time. What else is there to claim as a team?

This, however, raises the question: Did Bearback receive this scholarship legally? If not – will he have to pay back 40,000 euros? And what does that mean for the Henrik Bowl Foundation?

The law states that the socio-political commitment of those receiving the fund is welcome. But does this mean that this foundation can improve your career with the help of scholarships? The matter is complex and it may take some time for the facts to become clear.

Not just for Bearback, but for the Foundation as well. “We pay close attention to the clear allocation of our funds,” explained a leading German foundation manager at Focus Online. “After all, it’s always about community service.”

Bareback’s very strange crisis management

Meanwhile, the “Wealth” magazine found another mistake in Bearback’s CV. In the previous edition, he set the date for joining the party in 2004. In fact, it only came a year later.

You may think this is a trivial matter. But Petitas follows the same pattern again: Bearback makes himself bigger than him.

Back to the initial question – will the greens come out of the basement again?

Longer answers can be given. Then there will be talk of credibility, also of fascination, of self-evaluation. Emerging rival in Greens. From the dirty, almost embarrassing television presence. From a very strange crisis management. And from the candidate’s growing loneliness.

The short version is this: Greens will not be aggressive until something new comes along.