“Education”: Announces Increased Material Incentives for Teachers for the Next Academic Year 2023

It has been announced through its official website Ministry of Education And technical education, it works to increase the given incentives For teachers Next academic year 2022-2023, and to increase the number of teachers, about 30,000 teachers will have to raise the quality of education.

Providing 15 grants from AMIDEAST, JICA, Government of Japan, UK, Korea, Malaysia, France, Singapore and Germany.

To increase the financial allocation for scholarships given to students

The ministry added through its official website that it is working with about 635 teachers for the new school year to train teachers in neighboring countries and is cooperating with 7 Arab and foreign countries to improve education and increase funding for scholarships for international students.

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In coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the secondary school has 400 students from first class, 300 from primary level and 300 from preparatory level.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that it is working to provide scholarships for students by 2020 New school yearAnd providing educational space for international students with the number 88,054, explaining that the implementation of this grant has been assigned to the services and activities sector.

Provide internet for schools

The ministry indicated that it was working to provide internet for schools, explaining the number School The number has reached 5,000 schools so far through the internet Electrical appliances In addition to providing electronic content units, 5,000 devices have been provided to schools.

The ministry confirmed that it is working to fill the gaps in 27 education departments, establishing 3 blue schools, assisting educational schools with about 250 schools and providing 10,000 beds in schools.

4,390,250 books are being provided for kindergarten

The ministry indicated that it is working on printing and supplying kindergarten books and aims to produce 4,390,250 printed books, 181,499,374 books for primary school students and 73,382,526 books for secondary school students..

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