Doha Forum 2022 .. Bright exhibition is a gesture of effort of a scientific group of Afghan girls

A group of Afghan girls is participating in an exhibition entitled “Brilliant – Building Sustainability through Innovation, Technology and Education”, which is being held on the sidelines of the 20th edition of the Doha Forum.

Through this exhibition, Afghan girls, or those who call themselves “Afghan Dreamers,” showcase a number of robots and their most recent innovative projects that they and several Afghan youth have created in recent years and months.

Roya Mahbub, CEO of the Digital Citizen Fund, the parent organization of the Afghan Girls Robotics team, told the Qatar News Agency (QNA) in a statement that she was delighted to receive the Doha Forum Award from His Excellency Sheikh Tamim Bin. Emir of the country Hamad Al Thani today …

“I thank His Excellency for his generous support and assistance during all this time,” he said.

He stressed that this multi-field support, financial, technical, educational or residential, has been received by the 10-member team, which is currently studying at Education City, and “we plan to accept 10 more students.”

He said the robots on display were made by Afghan youth, “through which we are trying to solve the problems facing our society, as well as some of the low-cost respirators we created during the Coronado (Covid-19) crisis last year, because of the Afghan government’s deficit.” We are currently working with a university to design ventilators and other devices. “

Many Afghan activists, politicians and diplomats congratulated Mrs. Mahbub on receiving the Doha Forum 2022 Award, emphasizing that it “recognizes her outstanding work and achievements and the importance of educating Afghan girls.”

At the inaugural session of the Doha 2022 Forum, Roya Mahboob, who is on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world, reviewed her life experience and how she founded and supported the first Afghan women’s robotics team.

The “Afghan Girls Robot” team arrived in Doha last summer, where it co-sponsored the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, and the Qatar Fund for Development, giving it the opportunity to end its scientific career in the city of education. Receiving scholarships from the Foundation.

The team, originally from Herat, western Afghanistan, first became famous in 2017 after winning an award in an international competition for machine intelligence. Her achievement was a symbol of success and pride for Afghan girls.

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