Details of education lectures to get scholarships in America

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Jeddah – Narmin El-Said – Ministry of Education and Technical Education has sent a letter to the Department of Public Education “Alexandria, Gharbia, Damietta, Buhaira and Mansura” about launching a series of awareness campaigns in the governorate education departments. Lectures on how students can get scholarships in the United States.

The lectures were conducted by AMIDEAST Egypt’s EducationUSA Office of EducationUSA and AMIDEAST’s Cultural Exchange Division.

This is in light of the Ministry of Education’s interest in promoting education and scientific research in Egypt, and in consultation with the Ministry of Education’s AMIDEAST and the public education sector.

The purpose of the lectures is to provide students with sufficient information to enable them to obtain scholarships to American universities.

Lectures are given in two formats:

The first picture, through an actual two-hour visit to each school, shows how to compete as an international student to qualify for a scholarship in the United States.

The second image is from a group of remote meetings via the Zoom app; For more information on how to write a personal statement and resume, how to choose a profession or specialization, and information about communication skills via e-mail with the admissions office and passing the interview.

The lectures are aimed at students enrolled in “Third Preparatory, First and Second Secondary” grades.

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