Deadline to apply for financial aid for education in California: Follow these steps Video | Univision 34 Los Angeles KMEX

They need itMental health support.annabelle: This year they expandedDeadline to give youThe group has 30 more daysThey have a lot to doRequest?>> They have until midnightApril 1 and thisExtensions Thank you allThe appeal we receivedFrom different schools andUniversities across the state.annabelle: What is it?There were studentsBe able to apply?>> Students whoCitizens that have themPermanent resident of the countryThey will get a lot of accessExtra help, they haveTo fill the applicationStage.Those who have not yetRegularize their conditionImmigrants to Prasad,Steps back foror part of the daca programThose who have your visa, theyApply with California.Annabelle: A man whoWants to requestQualifications, we know that bothMay be requestedIrresistible for a student,If so, where can they go?Questions or support needed.>> They are the best place to visitBecause our websiteWe all have our pageHelp and all informationIn both apps.annabelle: Remember thatDeadline is April 1.Thank you very much

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