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Call for scholarships for local athletes 2022 Bolaños de Cva.

Athletes must be registered in Bolaños or born in the city.

Bolaos City Council, through the Department of Sports, has opened the application period for scholarships for local athletes. The goal of this assistance is to improve the performance, support and benefits of Bolanegos athletes so that they reach the highest level of sports from the youth class.

For the beneficiaries, athletes, in both individual and collective sports, from young to absolute category and experienced (master), who meet any of the following conditions, may benefit from this assistance:

  • Born and / or registered in Bolaños de Calatrava.
  • Natural athletes from Bolaños de Calatrava who, for family reasons, currently have no accommodation in Bolaños.
  • Natural athletes from Bolaños de Calatrava with habitual accommodation outside our city due to academic or sporting reasons.
  • Athletes who meet the characteristics of the previous categories must:
  • Hold a federal license issued by the Sports Federation of Castilla-La Mancha for their sports modality for the 2019/2020 – 2020/2021 season or provide a certificate of participation in the Regional School-Age Sports Championship organized by the Community Board. .
  • Athletes who are prevented from fulfilling the requirements of the previous division by the regulations of their national federation can take advantage of the call by providing a certificate from their sports federation, which recognizes such a situation.

The basis of calls and scholarships

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