Bearback’s scholarship has been tested – 40,000 euros and there is a risk of paying interest

After questioning the validity of the scholarship, Analina Bearback is trying to review the funding from the Henrik Bowl Foundation to fund her doctoral studies. This amounts to about 40,000 euros. In the worst case, Baerbock faces full subsidy and interest payments.

A Greens spokesman confirmed the “build” process. “In light of the media’s inquiries into party-political involvement and doctoral scholarships, Mrs Bearback has asked the Henrik Bowl Foundation to look at the events, which are now almost ten years old,” she explained.

Bearback received 1,050 euros a month from 2009 to 2012

From 2009 to 2012, the Greens candidate for Chancellor received 1,050 euros per month from the Henrik Bowl Foundation as part of the “Life Support Grant for Doctoral Candidates”. Three years and three months later, however, Barebuck gave up trying to get a doctorate.

Doubts have recently been raised about the legitimacy of the payment because the Bearback could violate the Ministry of Research’s funding guidelines. Scholarships will not be awarded to anyone pursuing “more than one-eighth of the regular weekly work hours” or “another activity that primarily takes the work capacity of the sponsored person.”

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During his doctoral endeavors, Bearback held three positions and was spokesman for the Federal Working Group Europe of the Greens, board member of the European Green Party, and state chairman of the Brandenburg Greens. Most of the time, no money flows to a 40-year-old person for all these functions.

A Greens spokeswoman for the “Build” explained, “BAG did not receive the salary of Analena Bearbok, the honorary spokesperson for Europe and an honorary board member of the European Green Party.” As Honorary State Chairman of the Brandenburg Greens, he received no remuneration in 2009 and 2010.

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Baerbock has always performed his duties as a scholarship holder

This was changed in 2011 due to “attempts to professionalize in the state association”, Barebuck was paid as a part-time employee. “In this context, Miss Bearback received 226.76 euros per month as a spending allowance in 2011 and 400 euros per month in 2012,” the spokesman said.

Bearback’s focus has always been on publicity, with party-political commitments occurring mainly in the evenings and on weekends. Bearback has always fulfilled its obligations as a scholarship holder, as the Henrik Bowl Foundation will ensure.

The foundation has not yet responded to a request to “build.” If Baerbock conceals false information or data, he is threatened with a full 40,000 euros and interest payments.