Augsburg University of Applied Sciences awards 43 scholarship seekers

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences recently awarded 43 German and company scholarships to its committed students at an online event. Despite the ongoing epidemic, more companies, associations and foundations have provided scholarships to future professionals this year than in previous years.College Hsa logo is normal

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences welcomes TÜV SÜD as the new scholarship provider for Germany Scholarship in the 2021/2022 academic year. MAN SE, Philip Jacob Wild Vocational Training Center and WALTER Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG have extended their commitment to the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences Scholarship Program during this funding period.

“The expansion of the scholarship program is a clear commitment from donors to our university, to our students, and to our region, even in the face of exciting Corona situations. I want to thank everyone for that,” explained Gordon Thomas, President of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. Dr. “Through scholarships, sponsors make important contributions to our students’ career planning and recognize their outstanding commitment and willingness to perform in this extraordinary way.”

In 2011, the federal government introduced the Deutschlandstipendium. Scholarship holders are supported with 300 euros per month. Private sponsors provide 150 euros, while the state finances 150 euros. It has established a new funding culture. It gives committed students financial opportunities for their various commitments and allows sponsors to take social responsibility in a targeted manner and interact with students at an early stage and thus get acquainted with the experts of tomorrow.
Augsburg University of Applied Sciences complements Germany’s scholarship program with a scholarship from a university company, with a funding of 300 euros. It distributes with state support, but also gives sponsors more personal opportunities when selecting scholarship holders, eligibility criteria and more possibilities for identification. In the last ten years, since the introduction of the scholarship program, nearly one million euros have been awarded to students at the university.

Those interested can get an overview of these and other funding opportunities at the university at

Scholarships, sponsors and scholarship holders in the 2021/2022 winter semester

Corporate grants

ausecus GmbH
Dominic Eleven, Industrial Safety

Erhardt + Leimer GmbH – Albert Leimer Foundation
Vincent Brookner, Mechatronics
Simon Shuffler, Mechatronics

Giger Group of Companies
Sarina Zurokovich, Civil Engineering
Christian Fisher, Energy Efficiency Design

Grenzbach Machinery GmbH
Hannah-Louisa Ender, International Industrial Engineering
Lewis Vogler, Mechanical Engineering

Joseph Lever GmbH & Co. Kg
Corbinian Abilitner, Civil Engineering
Michael Hawke, energy efficient planning and building
Maximilian Jacob, Energy Efficiency Design

Walter Holdings and Real Estate AG
Linh Bui, Business Administration
Mahmud Haddad, Civil Engineering

Housing group Augsburg
Sarah Teens, Architecture
Florian Apple, Energy Efficiency Design

Germany grant

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Stefan Tezel, Business Informatics

Dello Harold Foundation
Kitty Horn, Mechanical Engineering
Rico Wells, Environmental and Process Engineering
Hannah Haggie, Business Informatics

Engineering Man GmbH
Marcus Hillerina, Business Informatics

Lonnie and the Joseph Grunbeck Foundation
Hendrik Hermann, Environmental and Process Engineering
Selina Weitzstein, Business Informatics
Jennifer Bregenhorn, Environmental and Process Engineering

Frank Hirschvogel Foundation
Ludwig Ritter, International Industrial Engineering
Anna Schilling, International Management
Katherine Martin, Environmental and Process Engineering
Arno Gross, Mechanical Engineering

Man Energy Solutions SE
Jacob Kuffer, Mechatronic Systems
Elnazar Turganov, Business Informatics

Regional Studies Support Dillingen e. V.
Daniel Obermeyer, Computer Science

Rotary Club Augsburg
Alice Schweindorfer, Transformation Design

SSF Engineer AG
Raphael Brans, energy efficient planning and building

Augsburg Science Promotion Foundation
Maximilian Stadler, International Industrial Engineering

Thrust Project Management GmbH
Ahmed Husni bin Mohammed Sham, Environment and Process Engineering

TÜV SÜD Industry Service GmbH
Caroline Luprian, Mechanical Engineering

Vocational Training Center Philip Jacob Willand – Willand-Work AG
Marcus Darner, Environmental and Process Engineering
Nico von der Berg, Business Informatics

Business Development Donau-Ries e. V.
Jacob Harrell, Systems Engineering

Augsburg University of Applied Sciences Association v.
Matthias Fistula, International Management
Miroslava Melnik, social work

Association for the promotion of science, research and education in the field of business information science e. V.
Koray Konhäuser, Business Informatics
Julia Rizcalla, Business Informatics

Professor Dr.- Eng. Wolfgang Heidecker Grants – In Memory
Thomas Fistel, Architecture

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