6 academic benefits offered by the scholarship

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Academics have observed a number of positive effects of scholarships on the educational process and beneficiary students, with the opportunity to join the best universities in their country,

These grants provide better opportunities for beneficiaries’ lives, their families and communities and enable them to identify the best universities in the world and emphasize that students can benefit from being among the future leaders or pioneers of rare specialties. .

They have identified 6 benefits for academic scholarships, whether full or partial, to encourage students to continue their studies at the university, to fill the gaps made by the grantees, to improve the university’s mission and goals in building national cadres in different disciplines, the atmosphere that stimulates creativity. , A tool to increase competition and, ultimately, to provide academic excellence to the community.


They stressed to Al-Bayan that scholarships contribute to the progress of the educational process, students and society, noting that their importance lies in the fact that they offer study opportunities for rare and expensive specialties, such as medicine, engineering and others, which are beneficial. The state, society and students, because it is one of the forms of support. The scientific program, which helps the student to maintain his / her achievements and increase his / her academic level, including financial assistance to cover tuition fees and living expenses, and the mission and goals of national cadre formation in various disciplines and study programs by improving the university. And it represents a strong pillar of academic excellence strategy, on the basis of which universities support and encourage excellence, nurture student talents and create a stimulating climate for creativity, innovation and scientific leadership for outstanding students.

Talent possibilities

Mohammed Abdullah, Director General of Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park, emphasized: Cherishing and developing talent in all fields is one of the UAE’s goals and priorities, and scholarship is the most important potential talent and factor that helps them succeed, and they are academic A great supporter of the study environment, which consists of many components, including universities, teaching staff and students, supported by a high-level infrastructure, and an improved lifestyle.

He added, “Academic scholarships contribute to attracting students from outside the country, which enhances the position of higher education in Dubai and enhances the competitiveness of the students themselves. Scholarships are a tool to enhance the competitiveness of universities and enhance their skills. Please. “

Professor Uday Arida, President of Al Falah University, says: This year, the University has awarded scholarships for 50% of high school students and outstanding students in the College of Business Administration of the College of Business Administration. , College of Mass Communication, College of Arts and Humanities, colleges that have started accepting students at the beginning of the new academic year 2020-2021.

Professor Arida added that the percentage of students who have benefited from the scholarship in the last one year is 70% in the UAE.

Relieve stress

For his part, Amity Education Group Middle East CEO Dr. Wazahat Hussain said: “The importance of scholarships stems from their contribution to the provision of higher education to students around the world. So, we offer different types of scholarships. On an assessment that takes into account students’ past academic performance and achievement. In sports and other extracurricular activities. The scholarship opportunities available to new students are endless, and start with meetings with industry people, visits to industry establishments, participation in hackathon competitions for entrepreneurs.

Instead, Professor Dr Abdullah Al Shamsi, director of the British University in Dubai, confirmed that the university offers undergraduate programs in engineering, management, as well as undergraduate programs based on research in engineering, information technology, management and education. , Provides software engineering and artificial intelligence, and scholarships, which range from 10% to 50%, for all levels, from a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate, and the university also provides grants for people of determination, which can reach up to 100% depending. . On the situation

In the context of supporting national scientific skills, as well as residential students and encouraging them to pursue scientific research, the university offers scholarships, and various discounts for all undergraduate students and 20% -25% undergraduate students.

Free education

Dr Muhammad Abdul Rahman, director of Al Wasl University, points out that the country’s education sector is considered one of the sectors affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, ranging from shifting to distance education, emphasizing that the UAE was able to, thanks. Thanks to the visionary vision of wise leadership, and thanks to digital infrastructure and technology, to overcome this crisis and take distance education measures, at a time when the path to education is closed in many countries of the world.

Dr. Abdul Rahman says: Al-Wasal University has provided free education since its inception, in the belief of its founder, Juma Al Majid, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, that education is a message, not a service and provides it. Providing free education and training opportunities for Emirati and Gulf women and for the children of the resident communities of the state, it carries a high message and represents a noble goal towards the progress and advancement of the members of the society and works to impart outstanding skills and competencies to the society.

Rewards for students

The Dubai College of Tourism, approved by the Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing in Dubai, offers a scholarship and award program for the new academic year. The Dubai College of Tourism has allocated a grant for citizens, the so-called “Emirates Citizen Scholarship”, and another for international students, the “Year of Tolerance Scholarship”. Attracting more talented young people to jobs in Dubai. Where they interact directly with visitors as well as develop the skills of next generation workers working in the tourism sector and related sectors.


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