100 students benefiting from the scholarship .. all about King Salman University

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced free scholarships for students at King Salman University. In the following lines, we present the details of scholarship and university.

Specialization of King Salman International University, Al-Tur City Branch:

Computer science and engineering field.

The field of engineering science.

The field of technology industry.

The field of basic science.

King Salman International University, Ross Cider City Branch Specialization:

The field of management science.

Desert farming.

King Salman International University Specialization, Sharm Al-Sheikh:

Field of applied language.

Areas of tourism and hospitality.

Field of art and design.

Field of architecture.

King Salman University College of Medicine.

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced the merger of the new King Salman Private University, which was approved for the next new academic year to accept students and provide scientific services to students.

Coordination of King Salman University

95% of human medicine adjustment.

Dental adjustment 90%.

Dr. Ashraf Saad Hussain, President of King Salman International University, said:

Engineering field.

69,000 per year in energy engineering programs.
Mechatronics engineering program 69,000 per year.
Electronics and Communication Engineering programs 69,000 per year.

Computer science and engineering field.

69,000 computer engineering programs per year.
Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program 69,000 per year.
69,000 computer science programs per year.
69,000 artificial intelligence science programs per year.
Biomedical Informatics Program 69,000 per year.

King Salman International University Board of Trustees Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Led by Muhammad Abdul Hamid Shaira and the president of the university. His periodic meetings were held in the presence of Ashraf Hossain and members of the council. At the university headquarters in Ras Sidre.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. The rules of the university for awarding scholarships to students were reviewed as per the rules approved by Khaled Abdel Gaffar. In addition to the South Sinai Governorate’s outstanding student grants and grants to support strategic issues such as desert agriculture, sports and social assistance were also considered. Scholarships were also funded from the Long Live Egypt Fund, some civil society organizations, businesses, and the university’s own resources, taking into account the specific rules for each of those tributaries.

The total number of students benefiting from the scholarship has exceeded 100 male and female students in various academic fields and academic programs offered at the university level in three branches of the city (Al-Tur-Ras Sidr-Sharm El-Sheikh).

The Council commended the achievement of scholarships for students and recommended the need to increase the scholarship assistance stream to increase the number of students benefiting from those scholarships.

The Council reviews the progress rate in implementing the University’s strategic plan, the Academic Performance Index, the method of offering courses and the quality of education through the presentation of quality indicators and methods, and the approach adopted by the University to the quality of education. Learning in the field of (Medicine and Nursing) as an example of balance between knowledge, skills and learning. The importance of applied practice.

The council has reviewed the development rate of the university’s equipment and the completion of its components, particularly at the university’s headquarters in the city of Tur, which began operations during the current academic year 2021-2022.

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