Zeppelin University honors students for special achievements

Friedrichshafen – The University of Zeppelin (ZU) has awarded scholarships to students for special university and non-university commitments. All or part of the affiliate company, organization, foundation or private person pays tuition fees.

ZU Scholarship was awarded 22 times. Among other things, it honors outstanding cultural commitments, social commitments, and outstanding sporting achievements. The scholarship is sponsored by Clara-Maria Bremer, Andreas Flach, Andreas Gunther, Louisa Huber, Sivani Kanagalingam, Luka Kuhlmann, Lewis Lehmann, Roco Puente Bartel, Jonathan Rauch, Mortiz Snyder (Education, Talent and Poten) Went to it. ), Katharina Scottel, Helena Siegel and Kyra Span, Masters Deniz Avon, Finn Butner, Burak Ekinsi, Leon Erlenhurst, Anna Leshe, Madeleine Schlatter, Christina Sirbu and Veronica Sordon.

Simon Fuchsloch received the ZU Scholarship for Graduates from Friedrichshafen School in his undergraduate degree. The Joseph Wagner Foundation offers a limited number of scholarships for students in the Lake Constance-Upper Soabia region, covering the full cost of the Compass course. High school graduates who are still undecided have the opportunity to study for a semester “on an examination basis” and join the course from the bachelor’s degree program of their choice. Scholarships were awarded to Johanna Kehler, Stella Richter and Las Wilde.

The Deutschlandstipendium, which supports students across the country whose careers promise them outstanding success in their studies and careers, was presented three times. Half of the funding comes from the federal government, the other half comes from private donors. The Deutschland Stipendium was supported by Vittoria de Pierre (supported by ZUCA | ZU Club of Alumni), Johanna Kafanke (supported by Lair-Groshandel GmbH & Co. KG, Tetnang) and Johanna Dickman (supported by the Mark Fink Foundation). The “Cicero Masters Grant” was awarded to Tabea Isabel Meyers and the “Beharden Spiegel Grant” to Paul Leuke.

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