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A true example to follow. From a teenager America Jumping on one leg of joy after being admitted to 27 public and private universities, including Harvard, Stanford and MIT, and receiving more than $ 4 million in scholarships, a. History Which has inspired people of all ages on social media.

“I was surprised to see that they were interested in me and they wanted me to join their organization. They offered me admission. I was so excited. “Jonathan Walker, a high school graduate from Panama City, Florida, said in an interview with Davis of ABC News. Activities Good morning America He also replied to his case Viral video Posted to your channel YouTube.

Still fascinated by the number of offers he received, Walker stated that he had found something he liked in every educational institution he was interested in and applied it only to what he could feel. “Happy”. Now that 27 of them have been accepted, she is having a hard time choosing which one to attend this fall “I’ve been able to reduce it a bit. I hope I can make a fairly safe decision in the coming weeks.”Narrowed down

An important decision for the future of you and others

Although he has a big decision ahead of him, the young man assures that he has some idea about his potential specialties. “I am primarily interested in engineering, as well as entrepreneurship, to go a non-profit way, hoping to create devices to help people. But I am also exploring the possibility of creating my own specialization because I have different interests. “Said.

The chemistry his parents gave him a few years ago initially sparked his interest in engineering, which helped him “Add your curiosity to science” And he hopes to take her to a career that he wants to help create devices for the most coveted disadvantaged communities and people facing difficult problems.

Along with a colleague, Jonathan Walker – the most popular vote in his class – is working on a wrist-worn device that enables visually and hearing impaired people to better communicate with those around them. Previously, he created another device that sends reminders to patients to take their prescription drugs.

As an active member of your school’s Science Club, as well as the International Bachelor’s Diploma Program (International Bachelor’s Diploma ProgramAs known in English) and the football team, the young man is grateful for everything that has happened to him and wants to take the time to use it in the best way to positively influence and inspire others.

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