Universal will provide 853 scholarships for students to prepare for the Comfacor Saber 11 exam

The Caja de Compensación Familiar de Cordoba, in partnership with the University of Antioquia, will provide 853 scholarships to the same number of 11th graders so that they can take a preparatory course to improve their skills and abilities to achieve good scores. Saber 11 test ..

The director of the fund, Marta Sange Correa, assured that the facility would be for the youth of A and B divisions and that the project would be managed through the Training and Training Institute, IFC.

“We want our Cordoban students to be able to choose the best professional future for this course and thus be able to study what they like, so that they can achieve their goals and become what they want to be. That they can easily get scholarships from the country’s universities or from the national government, ”said the Comfacer board.

For the days leading up to the Saber Test, he explained that they would focus on effectively addressing a variety of areas, consisting of critical lessons, mathematics, social and citizenship, the natural sciences, and English.

Similarly, in various applications, in addition to cognitive testing, perception and socioeconomic information tools are applied, for example, related factor questions, socioeconomic questionnaires, civic activity and attitude tests, and socioeconomic skills tools.

He also maintained that in order to apply for the scholarship, the nominated students must meet the following requirements: to be affiliated with Comfacer in A or B category; Must be enrolled in 11th grade at an educational institution in the Cordoba department; Present on the original letterhead a study certificate older than 30 days, a photocopy of the identity card of the person responsible for the payment and a photocopy of the minor’s identity document.

For its part, the director of the institute, Luis Martinez, said that those who are interested can enter the training, but if they do not meet the requirements to access the scholarship, they will have to bear the cost, which ranges from 410,000 and 460,000 pesos.

He added that they must apply digitally at www.comfacor.com.co/preicfes and will be allowed to arrive in order of arrival until the quota limit is met.

“Education is one of the pillars of improving the quality of life of our affiliated families and we know that when it is given with greater quality and commitment, the fulfillment of dreams and personal or professional goals is given with great satisfaction,” Martinez concluded.

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