They do not use scholarships! Ifarhu will form a commission to review the pending U-Pass case

Andl Human Resource Training and Development Institute (Ifarhu) Within a calendar year, a commission will be formed to review the reasons why beneficiaries do not use U-Pass. Resolution No. 320-2022-150 March 7, 2022 Published in the Official Gazette this Thursday.

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Reasons to review include health, legal process, death of a legal representative or other appropriately justified case.

According to the documents, the commission will consist of U-pass department, information technology department, legal advice, finance department and scholarship department.

The Department of Finance may request and review funds from AIG and all banking and financial authorities.

The commission will have the responsibility to report on this matter every three consecutive months.

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Ifarhu explains that it identifies a significant number of privileged student populations who do not use scholarships, but deposit payments.

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Ifarhu aims to establish a validity period so that students do not use U-Pass due to out-of-state responsibilities, funds can be returned to the institution, and scholarship opportunities can be expanded. Others. To the youth.

U-Pass consists of three payments per year based on enrollment, attendance and grade criteria.

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Students with good grades even get double the benefits of having a competitive scholarship.

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