There are 55 scholarships available for Colombians who want to study in the United States

Photo: Gracila Lopez /
Photo: Gracila Lopez /

Fulbright Is sponsored by a program for educational assistance Office of the U.S. Department of State Education and Cultural Affairs, among other countries and private companies. This entity is offering several programs for Colombians who want to study in the United States.

For example: at the same time Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, They are offering 40 scholarships for research. Programs cover up to 5 years from project application, such as vouchers for exams TOEFL, iBT and / or GRE; You can apply for full or partial tuition discount. In addition, they will be able to access academic counseling, reimburse the cost of living and procedures, the cost of living and even plane tickets.

For professional programs, Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), Columbian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad, ICETEXTogether with Fulbright, offer up Five quotas for Colombian professionals, When applying for a scholarship they have completed their training in a training program supported by the Youth in Action program, Those who have successfully completed a university degree and those who wish to pursue master’s programs at U.S. universities starting in the second semester of 2023.

By Ministry of Culture, 4 scholarships are awarded to Colombian cultural directors and / or artists who prove an outstanding career in their professional field. This is to conduct a master’s program at a university or specialized institution in the United States from August 2023.

The Fulbright Foundation confirms:

“Similarly, we hope that all the population groups of the country will be represented in our scholarship program. For this reason, within the call structure, different candidates are sought from all regions and angles of Colombia, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or type of disability. In addition to the above, candidates have been sought for standing up for their high social and educational commitment to the country. “

They explain that one of these quotas is for directors or artists of the Afro-ethnic community and the other is for the directors or artists of the indigenous community.

Regarding the latter, there are 3 scholarships indicated Exclusively for Afro-ethnic communities and for members of an indigenous community.

“The Fulbright Scholarship for Afro-Ethnic communities responds to the need to increase access to quality higher education in different regions of the country and among different population groups. Similarly, it is part of a strategy to reduce gaps and promote quality and more inclusive education. In particular, the scholarship provides funding for postgraduate or doctoral degrees for Colombian professionals in the United States. “

Each program has specific requirements, But there are some common ones that differ:

An essay about your academic goals

An essay on your personal development

A resume

Identification card

Grade certificate with minimum average (depending on the program)

Diploma in Complete Studies

Letters of recommendation for both professionals and academics

You must also take a standard English test, e.g. TOEFL and IELTS.

For more information, you can visit the Fulbright Columbia page, where you can find all the requirements depending on the program you are interested in.

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